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The Jedi: Survivor teaser trailer and surrounding information have given fans a lot to chew on until the full trailer is released.
One of the many, many highlights of Star Wars Celebration was the somewhat surprising release of the teaser trailer for the long-awaited sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Despite the lack of a video game panel, the trailer came out and revealed just enough to get fans of the first game even more excited for its release than they already were.
There has been a lot of speculation about what this inevitable sequel would entail, and the teaser trailer and surrounding information have given fans a lot to chew on until the full trailer is released, not revealing a lot, but revealing enough.
There has not been an exact release date for Jedi: Survivor confirmed as of yet. Similar to most other projects spoken about over the weekend, it has been given more of a timeframe, which will be 2023.
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The piece of news that will not be great for some fans is that Jedi: Survivor will not be available on current generation consoles, only for next-gen like the Xbox Series X/S and the PS5. The good news in this regard is that Respawn will be able to tap into the full potential of the technology to provide the best experience for those using the hardware.
One piece of information about the game that leaves it open to a slew of possibilities is that it takes place five years after the events of Jedi: Fallen Order, placing it in about 9BBY.
The significance of this is that Obi-Wan Kenobi takes place during that time. Cal could very well pop up in that show, or players could very well hear about the events of the show in the upcoming game. It also means that Cal has grown up a lot, and the Galaxy is edging closer to having a rebellion.
When this mysterious Pau’an first appeared in the Jedi: Survivor trailer, many fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was the big bad of the Inquisitorius, the Grand Inquisitor. As it turns out, and as becomes clear in the trailer, though, it is not.
Rather it is an as of now unidentified Pau’an Imperial Senator who resides in the kind of office fans have seen in the likes of Rebels before. His design is incredible, and fans are intrigued as to what his beef is with Cal Kestis and why a politician has taken a vested interest in a Jedi fugitive.
Seeing as the game takes place five years into the future, it is no surprise that Cal has a more updated look, with shorter hair and an overall more mature-looking presence.
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Time will tell if he actually has grown up much more, though, and if perhaps things have happened throughout the five years that have, at all, altered his personality. It will also be brilliant to get looks at returning characters to see if they have more updated appearances.
Outside of faceless, nameless stormtroopers, only four characters are present in the Jedi: Survivor trailer, including Cal and BD-1. There is, as of now, no sign of Cere, Greez, or Merrin.
One shudders to think that they may have died along the way during those five years or if something happened to separate them from Cal. Perhaps the teaser just wanted to focus on Cal, but fans are worried about the allies they grew to love in the first game and who added so much to this brilliant Star Wars storyline.
Fans are definitely fearing for the characters from the first game, not just because they did not appear in the teaser, but because the Mantis can be seen uninhabited, and crashed on some sort of desert location that looks to be in the new game.
Is this a flashback scene? Is this indicative of the safety of the crew? Does this happen at some point through the game? Like any good teaser, fans are left pondering so many questions and so many possibilities, but this game, at first glance, seems a bit dark, and the crashed Mantis may play into that.
A case/box of some kind can be seen throughout the trailer, carried by stormtroopers before getting delivered to the mysterious Pau’an. This box appears to contain the lightsaber of Cal Kestis.
With this reveal comes so many different questions about how he got it, why he has it, where he got it, and how Cal will get it back. If the teaser trailer is to be believed, this Pau’an looks to be a main antagonist of Jedi: Survivor, and his holding Cal’s lightsaber leads to some exciting possibilities, such as relying solely on the Force for large portions of the game. Although, fans still hope that the wide range of lightsaber customization options is still in place.
Unquestionably the most interesting part of the Jedi: Survivor teaser is the mysterious figure who appears to be asleep in a bacta tank of some sort, seemingly having been there for a long while.
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This individual who appears to only have one arm – an important detail – could well be a Jedi abandoned after Order 66 and be the titular character of the game. No matter who they are, their existence raises a lot of interesting questions and looks to be a key part of Cal’s story.
One detail of the trailer that lends itself to the theory that this individual has been left alone in this bacta tank for a long time is the state of the facility in which they are getting kept.
Other than the bacta itself, the facility looks run down and abandoned. Given that the game takes place ten years after Order 66, this could have been a place known to the Jedi but not the Empire or subsequently the Emperor, explaining why the facility is so run down. Another theory could be that they are an abandoned clone of some sort. Either way, this facility may prove just as important as the person.
The trailer kicks up a gear with a lightsaber battle between Cal and this seemingly powerful, mysterious figure who, funnily enough, appears only to have one arm.
The logical conclusion is that this individual with the red blade is the same person in the bacta tank. Perhaps they were a fallen Jedi injured by Jedi during the time of the Republic but got abandoned post-Order 66. They definitely do not appear to be an Inquisitor. In any case, this mysterious individual is at the center of nearly every huge takeaway coming from the game’s trailer.
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