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The 2022 Guardian Games are live in Destiny 2, bringing players together for a friendly competition between classes while earning rewards.
The Guardian Games are in full swing in Destiny 2, allowing Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters to face off against one another to see which class reigns supreme in a friendly competition. Guardian Games is hosted by Eva Levante in the Tower, and she’ll be the go-to vendor for the duration of the activity. The event will run for three weeks, concluding on May 24 during the weekly reset and the launch of Season 17. There is a lot to do over the next three weeks, including an opportunity to farm the new limited-time SMG and complete the Heir Apparent Catalyst in the Guardian Games Exotic quest.
Before players can really dive into the Guardian Games, they’ll need to speak with Eva Levante in the Tower to receive the Best In Class quest. This is an introductory or refresher quest that allows players to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the Guardian Games, such as collecting Laurels, earning playlist Medallions, and completing specific event activities. The quest will also allow players to grab their Medallion Case, and two more quests called Guardian Games: Medallion Battalion and Shoot To Score. Additionally, those who have yet to unlock Heir Apparent itself will automatically receive a new quest called Top Of Class, as well as the new Void SMG in Destiny 2 called The Title.
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Guardians will receive a Guardian Games class item the first time that players speak with Eva Levante, and equipping it is the only way that more Laurels can be collected. Laurels can be used to purchase either Contender Cards or Platinum Cards, which have specific objectives that Guardians must complete in order to receive Medallions. Contender Cards will reward players Gold Medallions, while Platinum Cards award players Platinum Medallions. By using the Medallion Case, players can also keep track of how many Medallions and Laurels they have earned before they need to turn them in.
The Contender Cards are easier objectives that just require a bit of time to complete in either Crucible, Vanguard, or Gambit activities or activities from The Witch Queen expansion or Season of the Risen. Platinum Cards are a bit trickier to complete, as their objectives are in end-game activities like Legend or Master Lost Sectors, Trials of Osiris, Raids, and higher difficulty activities specifically from The Witch Queen expansion or Season of the Risen. Additionally, players can also complete the Daily Playlist, Guardian Games: Recreational Playlist, or Guardian Games: Training Playlist to earn more Medallions as well. Lastly, completing and claiming Triumphs will earn players a variety of Medallions, but they can only be turned in by one class.
Turning in Medallions is the main way that players will receive new rewards throughout the event’s duration, and higher-value Medallions will give players greater rewards. Gold and Platinum Medallions will earn players more Legendary gear such as armor, new rolls for The Title, Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Cores, and more in Destiny 2. Completing the Guardian Games: Medallion Battalion quest will also give players a package of rewards for completing the objectives, and new quest steps automatically on the weekly reset.
Lastly, during the weekends of Guardian Games only, players will be able to participate in the Guardian Games: Competitive Playlist activity, where the Shoot To Score quest will affect the in-game bonuses they receive. The training playlist also activates the buffs that are listed under the quest, but only up to the Gold Threshold, even if Guardians reach over the 150,000 score requirement. Once the competitive playlist is active, Guardians who meet the Medallion Threshold for each week can claim the weekly Guardian Games Rewards from the second tab that Eva Levante has, beginning at bronze and ending at platinum rewards. New players and Destiny 2 veterans alike will be able to claim new rewards for subsequent Competitive Playlist weekends as well.
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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.
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