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Ed McGlone
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With the removal of many National Dex Pokemon, Dragon types go back to being fairly rare. Still there are lots of good ones worth using in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In this guide we’re going to go over our picks for the best Dragon Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let’s dive right in shall we?
Goodra is one of the weirdest Dragon Pokemon of all time. It’s not particularly intimidating like many of the final Dragon evolutions, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t pose a problem for opposing trainers.
It’s one of the tankier Dragons in the game, with okay Defense and HP stats but massive 150 Special Defense. It’s no slouch offensively either with 100 Attack and Special Attack, making it a dual attacking threat.
In addition, Goodra has access to some really useful abilities. Hydration cures all status effects in the rain, Sap Sipper allows Goodra to Absorb Grass attacks, and Gooey will lower the speed of any Pokemon that makes physical contact.
Haxorus is a classic Dragon Pokemon, and it’s a very simple one at that. It’s monotype Dragon, and has high Attack. Simply switch in when you can, use Dragon Dance or Swords Dance, whichever you prefer, and then just start smashing everything in your way with high-powered attacks.
Perhaps consider pairing one with a Sticky Web user like Galvantula to help overcome its above average, but still wanting, Speed stat.
Otherwise, it has an axe for a head. Just use that.
I assume that all of these fossil Pokemon in Sword and Shield wish for death everyday. Fortunately for Dracozolt and Dracovish, they’ll get their wish as they are one of the more competitive Dragons in Sword and Shield.
Dragozolt has excellent typing as a Electric/Dragon, and has really nice moves to pair with that typing, including its signature move, Bolt Beak. This move will do an insane 170 base damage if it goes first. Not easy to do considering Dracozolt is slow at 70 base speed, but it’s doable.
Dracozolt also has access to Hustle, a somewhat rare ability that will boost the power of all its attacks by 50% but lower accuracy by 25%. It’s a risk/reward play, but it’s certainly worth considering.
Dracovish, like its abomination of a cousin, is a hard hitting Dragon fossil Pokemon. Unlike ‘Zolt though, Dracovish is a Water/Dragon and it has a perfect storm of fearsome attacks and abilities.
It has the ability Strong Jaw, which powers up bite moves, working in tandem with its signature move Fishious Rend which does 170 base damage when attacking first or as someone is switching out.
That is boosted by an additional FIFTY percent with Strong Jaw, and can be boosted AGAIN in Rain weather, making Fishious Rend one of the hardest hitting attacks in the game under the correct conditions.
Something would need to be 4x resistant in order to shrug off a fully-powered Fishious Rend, and even then it’s nothing to sneeze at.
Kommo-o is the pseudo legendary Dragon Pokemon from the Sun and Moon games and it was the first Dragon/Fighting Pokemon to be added to the series.
It’s a solid Dragon Pokemon with a very varied and powerful move pool, thanks to its unique typing. It has its own signature move, Clanging Scales, which is a powerful Special Dragon attack which lowers the defense of enemies hit by it.
It can then follow that up with a powerful Close Combat attack, or a Drain Punch. Kommo-o can also use Stealth Rock, Belly Drum, Thunder and Fire Punches, and more. It has an extremely colorful move pool, making Kommo-o hard to predict.
Hydreigon is a beast of a Dragon/Dark Pokemon and is one of the most powerful mixed attackers in the game.
It has powerful base stats across the board with nothing dipping below 90. It has 120 Special Attack and 105 Attack, and has the movepool to allow it to be a dual threat.
However, in Sword and Shield, Hydreigon trades Roost (a significant loss for sure) in for Nasty Plot. This boosts its Special Attack to insane levels and very few Pokemon are going to be able to beat a boosted Draco Meteor from Hydreigon.
It has two major flaws, it’s 4x weaknesses to Fairy attacks and its fairly average Speed.
Anyone that wants to run Hydreigon should stack their team with partners that can help remove any Fairy threats lurking around on the opposing team so Hydreigon can feel safe cutting through the rest like butter.
Dragapult is arguably one of the best new Pokemon to be added in Sword and Shield. It carries the excellent Dragon/Ghost typing which leaves it with very few weaknesses and some helpful immunities to Normal and Fighting.
It’s not great defensively, but its stats are otherwise distributed perfectly in both Attack, Special Attack and Speed. Its Speed in particular is great at 142, allowing it to move before most Pokemon.
It has a fantastic move pool, which includes its signature move, Dragon Darts; a move that literally launches two baby Dreepys at your opponent, which is incredible.
It also has the rare Clear Body ability which prevents Dragapult from having its stats lowered and Infiltrator which allows it to slip around screens and Substitutes.
Expect to see this spooky Dragon boy/girl very often on ladder!
That does it for our list of the best Dragon Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Let us know your favorites down below. For more Sword and Shield tips and tricks, be sure to check out our wiki guide.
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