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Death's Door "Weapon Master" Achievement Guide: All Weapon … – Twinfinite

Gavin Burtt
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There are a grand total of five melee weapons in Death’s Door, starting you with a standard sword, and leaving four hidden weapons at various locations in the game for you to find. The later the weapon can be found, the more powerful it is, with the Reaper’s Greatsword being the most elite, and the Discarded Umbrella being by far the weakest. Collecting all Death’s Door weapons will not only max out your arsenal, but it will unlock you the “Weapon Master” achievement.
These weapons can be seen as just another type of collectible in Death’s Door, which the game has many of. While the game isn’t overly difficult, making sure you’re well-equipped by the end of the game can make it so much easier.
Stocking up on upgrades and weapons early in the game can help accomplish this, and this guide will walk you through the latter, bringing you to each of the four weapon locations in detail.
The Discarded Umbrella can be found at the very beginning of the game, and is required if you’re attempting the “Academy of Umbrellas” playthrough, for completing the game using only an umbrella as your melee weapon.
As soon as you get off the bus, head up the stairs to your left, then up the steps in front of you.
Take a left and go through the security gate, up two flights of stairs to a platform with multiple staircases. Go up the rightmost upward staircase and interact with Chandler the Handler to spawn the first door.
Go left and walk up the curved staircase, then immediately take a left up some more stairs. Go up one more staircase and you should arrive at a bench.
To the immediate left of that bench is a lamppost with an umbrella leaning up against it. Interact with the umbrella to add it to your arsenal.
The Rogue Daggers can be attained once you have unlocked the Ceramic Manor door. From the Hall of Doors, enter this area and immediately go through the door down from you, then through the hall to get to the Estate of the Urn Witch.
Go down the stairs and follow the stone path to the circular stone pad. Turn southeast through the two metal archways and then head down and across the bridge.
Follow this path up onto the large stone platform, then drop through the hole in the fence.
Cross the bridge in front of you, then continue in a straight line until you reach the purple vase. To the right of this vase will be a small stone statue with an easy-to-miss lever attached to it.
Pull the lever, then walk through the gate that opens and go up the ladder. Follow the only available path to the left once you’re up here, until you reach an area where enemies spawn in.
Defeat this wave of enemies to open the gate next to you.
Walk through the gate and continue in this straight line until you find the Rogue Daggers on the ground.
The Thunder Hammer can be unlocked once you reach the Mushroom Dungeon area. From the entrance to the area in the Hall of Doors, enter Mushroom Dungeon, then head out the main door in this room, in the northeast wall.
Walk across the bridge into the next room, then immediately drop off the right side of the platform you are on. Walk through the door in the corner closest to the screen, then leave the next two rooms through their southeast exits.
Go through the broken stone archway in front of you, then head down the ladder near the wall. Walk down the leftmost staircase, then turn up and cross the bridge.
Continue in this direction until you hit a wall, then turn right and follow this path around.
Climb the ladder, then the staircase, then another ladder, before heading through the exit in the southeast wall.
Immediately turn up and climb the ladder, then follow the path northeast until you hit another ladder. Climb it, go southeast and drop down another ladder, then go through the nearest door.
Walk through this room and through the door, to find a room filled with crates. Smash your way through these crates to unveil a hole that drops down into another area. Jump down into this hole to find the weapon’s location.
The Reaper’s Greatsword is the most involved weapon location to reach, requiring the hookshot, and for you to hit four secret buttons around The Stranded Sailor before you can access it.
Enter this area from the Hall of Doors and cross the bridge immediately above you. Walk under the wooden staircase to find a wall that can be blown up with bombs. If you need some magic, there are crystals at the top of the staircase you can destroy.
Head through the newly destroyed wall to find the first red button. Press it, then interact with the the statue to the left to get a clue for the next one.
You’ll need bombs to unveil the next three buttons too, so make sure to destroy crystals along the way to get magic. Head back out and go up the wooden staircase, then go up the stone staircase up top.
Go up the next set of stone steps, and the wooden stairs before taking a left over a small bridge.
Immediately northwest of you will be a stone wall between two stone columns. Blow this wall up with bombs to reveal a room containing the second button. Go inside and press it, then interact with the statue.
The next button is very close. Leave the room, then go back across the wooden bridge.
Head up the stairs behind the crystals and blow up the stone wall to your immediate right, across from the giant stone monster head. Enter this wall to find the next statue and button. Interact with them.
Leave and go back down the wooden staircase. Turn northeast and head up the stone stairs to find your path blocked by some crystals.
Smash through them and the camera should rotate around this building. At the wall directly beneath the gargoyle, use a bomb to blow it up and walk inside. Interact with the final button.
Leave and head back down the stairs, then down the all of the preceding staircase you took to get up here, back down to the bottom of the wooden stairs that the first button was hidden underneath.
Walk across the southwest bridge here, then hookshot across the gap and walk up the stairs. Hook shot across the second gap and pull the lever to the left of this gate.
Because all four buttons have been hit, the gate will open. Head up the ladder immediately in front of you to find the Reaper’s Greatsword.
With those weapons unlocked, you will earn yourself the “Weapon Master” achievement, worth 50G if you’re on Xbox. Gamerscore aside, you’ll also be much better armed for the rest of your journey through Death’s Door, especially with the mighty Reaper’s Greatsword.
It’s recommended that you target these weapons first when you unlock new areas, as the sooner you get them, the easier the rest of that area will become.
That’s everything you need to know on how to get all weapons in Death’s Door. For more on Death’s Door, check out the links below.
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