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NSW Labor MP Tanya Mihailuk defected to One Nation. News Jani – News Jani

NSW Labor MP Tanya Mihailuk defected to One Nation.
Former NSW Labor MP Tanya Mihilok NSW has distanced itself from One Nation, describing the opposition as controlled by “left-wing extremists and the property developer mafia” and warning that Chris Manz A Labor government will “see NSW wake up and break”. gave SMH Mihailuk, who describes himself as a proud Christian and staunch anti-corruption advocate, will run for an upper house seat in the March state election, according to the report. The paper added that Mihailuk and One Nation NSW leaders mark Latham Not always so cheerful — in 2017 she described Latham’s “transition” from Labor leader to the Conservatives as a “Shakespearean tragedy”, calling him “just a bully”.
Meanwhile, the powerful crossbencher Alex Greenwich NSW is urging the government to introduce a $100 per day cap for its cashless gaming cards policy to copy Tasmania. Guardian Australia Reports say we have yet to see the details of the Perot government’s gaming policy, and pressure is mounting after Labor released its own policy yesterday. Treasurer Matt Ken dismissed Labor as “gaming policy written by the gaming industry for the gaming industry”, but would not say whether it thought the Coalition’s $1000 a day spending limit on cards was too high. . Senator from Tasmania Andrew Wilkie Did, calling it “purely ridiculous”. Wilkie said the issue would do nothing to help gamblers or stem the flow of money laundering.
Want to know what’s in the Prime Minister? Anthony of Albany Diary? It will cost — $1344, ex-Sen Rex Patrick He was told after doing the FOI. It’s an “outrageous” figure, writes Patrick, a transparency crusader Michael West MediaEspecially considering the Attorney General mark DreyfusTreasurer Gym Chalmersand the ACT Chief Minister Andrew of the bar All ministerial diaries are publicly released. Patrick argues that it is important for members of the public to see who our leaders are meeting and how much time they spend in the field (for example, whether they meet with a media billionaire. Lachlan MurdochAs Crikey Surprised in August). Patrick doesn’t get it – he says he’s filed more than 300 FOIs over the past five years and has never seen a price this high.
Speaking of big bucks – the Albanian government will announce today that Australia is buying 40 Black Hawk helicopters from the US for $2.8 billion, ABC reports. They will replace our European-made Taipan helicopter fleet, which is riddled with problems – in 2021 it was revealed that we spent more than $37 million to lease civilian helicopters as the military’s 41 The Taipans were very clever. The Blackhawks will be based out of Oakey in Queensland and Holsworthy in NSW, and will start arriving this year. during this Guardian Australia Up to 70 troops will travel to the UK this week to train Ukrainian soldiers in “basic infantry tactics for urban and forest environments”, the government says. But no one is going to Ukraine.

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Our GP system is in “worst shape” since Medicare was launched 40 years ago, says health minister mark Butler repeated in an interview with ABC. 7.30. It’s not the first time he’s said it — news.com.au also reported the comment in September last year, where Butler named addressing the “horrendous” shortage of GPs as a top portfolio priority. was To that end, a report with recommendations for strengthening the public health system will be published in the next few weeks, and will be worked into the May budget. Part of the problem, Butler says, is that a large population of us these days has “more complex chronic diseases.”
Meanwhile, Queensland will drop its mask recommendations in healthcare settings, indoor spaces and public transport today. The Brisbane Times The reports, which top health officials called a “critical” point in the pandemic. Chief Health Officer Life Gerard It is said that 80 per cent of Queenslanders got Covid last year, leading to immunity that may have played a role in reducing the death rate in the fourth wave. In the week to January 11, 9,386 people contracted Covid and 77 people died, the newspaper said. Speaking of COVID – Tennis Pro Camilla Giorgi As Metro UK reports, allegations of forging a COVID certificate to play in the Australian Open are making headlines overseas. She denies it.
It is March 1918 and the Germans are raining shells and bombs on the small French town of Amiens. They are trying to break through the Allied lines, and many buildings fall during the 28-day offensive. A quick-thinking crew races to save the city’s art collection, including an 1822 neoclassical painting. Diana and Endymone, On loan from the Louvre. It depicts a scantily clad Roman goddess. Diana Soaring heavenly as she falls in love with a beautiful Evelyn Shepherd. Endymion Leaning in excitement, as Guardian Australia Shows After the war, the painting is gone – thought to have been destroyed by bombs. Fast forward to 2015 and an art curator from Amiens is comfortably thumbing away. Paris match magazine when they see a photo of a pop icon. Madonna. The curator stops dead at her house. There it is, hanging on the wall in the background of Madge’s picture: Diana and the Endymen.
Is it a copy? Some sleuthing reveals that the painting, not listed as an original, was sold at auction in 1989 — interestingly, Madonna paid nearly $1.3 million, triple the listed price for it. Of course, it has no visible signature by the artist. Jerome Martin Langlois, And it’s also three centimeters shorter than the original, so it could have been cut to avoid returning to the painting’s collections after the war. There was nothing for him: the mayor of Amiens Brexit Fouré Filmed a video request for one of the most famous women in the world. Fouré says you may not have heard of my little town, but we share a special connection with you. “This painting is probably a work that was given to the Amiens museum by the Louvre before World War I after which we lost track of it,” Fouré said, adding that there was no suggestion that the Madonna Have done any illegal act by buying it. “Would you lend us this work?” So far, Madge hasn’t responded, but on the contrary, many people are suddenly talking about Amiens, says the mayor happily.
Hopefully some beautiful art will catch your eye today.
He is not in Washington. He is not the ambassador of Australia. Arthur Sinodinos There is an Australian ambassador in Washington and we continue to communicate with Arthur, who has done a great job on the arrangements with AUKUS. when Kevin Rudd There are ambassadors of Australia who will be the center of attention.
Anthony Albany
The Prime Minister is not worried. Rudd Speaking openly about China at the World Economic Forum is likely overstating its economic growth figures, so maybe don’t get too ahead of yourself. Rudd was appointed our incoming ambassador to the United States in December.
“John William Dare writes: I have always thought that those who cover up crimes, especially child abuse, in the mistaken belief that it was somehow legitimate behavior to protect the reputation of their organization, are criminals. There were more criminals than – who were at least suffering from their illness. excuse
“This attitude enables crime, and the organizations they claim to protect ultimately suffer irreparable harm through cover-up and denial. Their own statements and the evidence and findings of the Royal Commission Given (which Peel always disputed), calling Peel a martyr or a saint is just another act of self-denial.
“In Britain, 40 years of neoliberalism – with some BlairiteBig state stuff was briefly added to the top — now being challenged by a wave of strikes that have the ability to connect, and that have made it impossible. Starmer To take the Labor opposition party back to a neo-Blairite position. Starmer and co have been forced to adopt key components of the program. Corbin Leadership, as much as they hate it.
“New Zealand and Canada have real left-wing governments. Only in Australia do we have a Labor government committed to programmatic neoliberalism without vocal opposition. Gone from a real left party. Unions have any There is a lack of independent approach with visibility.
China’s population shrinks for first time in six decades, raising alarm over population crisis (Reuters)
‘Next attack on democracy’ as London overrules Scottish Parliament for first time (Euronews)
Experts say it’s time to put cancer warning labels on alcohol (CBC)
‘More than 9,000 civilians killed’ in Russia’s war in Ukraine (Al Jazeera)
Former Republican candidate arrested in shooting targeting New Mexico DemocratsThe New York Times)
Prince Harry’s Spear is the fastest-selling non-fiction book since UK records began (Guardian)
Brittany Griner makes surprise appearance at MLK Day event (BBC)
Is Dominic Perot being trashed by the gambling industry for opposing pokies? – Tim Costello (Crikey): “While NSW Premier Dominic Perrott was wearing a Nazi uniform on his 21st birthday, it was surprising, but I wish I could say I was surprised by the motivation behind the revelation. Of course internal party politics was part of it, but the other big factor was his desire to destroy the gambling industry and NSW, which was in desperate need of reform. For decades the gambling industry has been a puppet in Australian politics. has worked on, and nowhere more so than in NSW. At times it has felt more like an effective shadow cabinet than a real opposition, and that is certainly the case now.
“When you ‘follow the money’ in this tangled political web, it leads to the gambling industry and its borderline racketeering behavior in protecting profits – profits that are often generated by poker machines. They come from human suffering that are deliberately designed to get people addicted. Designed by psychologists, no less. The most profitable of these come from suburbanites and people who can bear the least harm, thanks to the industry’s deliberate targeting of niche and stressed communities. The proposed gambling reforms in NSW are sensible and will not only reduce the harms of gambling, but the world. It would also have the double benefit of preventing the easiest possible way to launder money.
Unique Jim Mullan: A hero can be a man in every way. Greg Sheridan (Australian):”Gym A man was every bit the hero. He laid down his life again and again for others. In the Iraq war he was the coalition’s chief of operations, the most powerful post of any Australian in combat for decades. Americans respected him. He believed in counterinsurgency, that it could be successful if properly resourced, well thought out and executed with long-term commitment. I ended up not sharing this point of view. That and the tank were the only things we never agreed on. But Jim was always a hard-headed realist. He believed that Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq was not designed to have any strategic effect. That is why he used to criticize them harshly.
“Before that, he staked his life in Indonesia. In the chaos surrounding the fall of supportthe gym, then the military Attach, was gathering vital intelligence for Australia in all the chaotic streets. On a terrifying night in East Timor, with murderous militias running wild, Jim advised the then prime minister John Howard On the phone that Australia should send in peacekeepers, that the threat was manageable as long as the operation was carried out professionally. A little later, in East Timor, when militia violence was at its height, he saved his life. Bishop BelloWhom the militia badly wanted to kill in the encounter at the airport.
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Cullen Nation Country (also known as Melbourne)
Fortress Melbourne is hosting a board game night for singles or groups, with a drink with tickets, a host to teach the rules, board game hire and hot snacks available for purchase.


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