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Grand Theft Auto V: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Game – Screen Rant

We showcase the hilarious memes that perfectly sum up the outrageous and reckless play styles GTA V allows.
GGRecan reports that GTA Online will introduce Michael De Santa from GTA V to the game. His blunt personality and hilarious quotes make him unforgettable for most fans of the franchise, so it’s definitively good news that he may be heard from again soon with new content for the online version of the ever-popular game.
The behavior of this beloved protagonist pretty much resumes everything that can be said about what players can do in the game and get away with. Being able to possess illegal substances, dealing them, smuggling weapons, committing an armed robbery, and driving like a mad man, among other things, are everyday happenings in this open world, and fans have created memes about how hilarious it can be.
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Anything can happen in GTA V. From explosions and shootings to players flying around with jet packs, it never ceases to surprise with its random events throughout the map. Most of the time these are caused by the player, but there are many other times where they just simply happen.
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It doesn’t matter if the player is just walking down the sidewalk or driving around following all the rules and behaving like an upstanding citizen (maybe for the first time in their whole playthrough) if something sketchy happens, such as a car explosion, cops will not hesitate to chase the player.
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One of the best things about GTA V is how players can drive recklessly without having to think about health or car insurance. There are no real-life consequences for speeding, driving the wrong way, hitting multiple people, careering through buildings, or flipping over a vehicle – although for some it definitely hurts when one of the coolest cars in the video game gets wrecked.
Of course, that isn’t the case in the real world where people buy cars instead of stealing them, and therefore, take care not to damage them. This meme succinctly sums up player attitudes towards driving in GTA vs. real life.
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While driving on the highway or the streets of Los Santos, most players have wanted to try driving normally for a period of time. Staying inside the lane, avoiding hitting other cars, and respecting traffic lights and speed limits are tempting but eventually, not enough to keep players out of the fun of doing the craziest car stunts and chases.
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Players have plenty of time to drive normally and get stuck in insufferable traffic jams in the real world. GTA V exists to try jumping off cliffs, flying through the air, taking the most dangerous short-cuts, and running away from the police with shiny stolen cars.
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The Fallout franchise is guilty of renewing interest in jazz icons of the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, and motivating their fans to add killer songs from the genre to their favorite Spotify playlist. Grand Theft Auto was similar in this respect and has one of the best soundtracks to ever feature in a videogame.
The game has an awesome punk rock soundtrack which adds to the general energetic and cool vibe of GTA V. But what many players recognize as being one of the best parts of the game’s music is that it does not only have the option of putting awesome songs on the radio, but it also comes with great atmospheric tracks when its turned off.
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Most players love GTA because it allows them to do anything they want, crime-wise. Getting in fights with innocent NPCs or killing civilians may be fun for some gamers, but for others it just makes them feel guilty. These are probably the same players that also feel bad when they kill an animal or make an evil decision in other titles.
This meme perfectly sums up those stirring feelings of guilt and regret many feel while on their crime spree in Los Santos. Those who are plagued by guilt guilty should perhaps take a leaf out of Trevor’s book, following the advice from a quote that sums up Trevor’s personality: “Just ignore the bodies!”
The endless possibilities of players’ freedom in the open world of GTA V lead many to spend more than the healthy amount of time in front of the screen. Every fan has been guilty about playing more than an hour or two without taking a break or just spending many days in a row basically waking up, playing, and heading back to sleep.
If it’s anyone’s fault, it is Rockstar Games for making GTA V so fun to play. A game being this addictive can only be taken as a good review. Many would rather stay in Los Santos than spend the day in their hometown or city, and if Rockstar Games didn’t know about this, they would not release the best-open world games for the PS3, PS4, and PS5.
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In real life, when cars crash against a traffic pole, the front part is absolutely destroyed and the vehicle is rendered undrivable. And when cars crash against hedges, they usually receive a couple of scratches, but that is pretty much it, with the vehicle destroying the plant and not the other way around.
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In Grand Theft Auto V’s logic though, it is the exact opposite, and players can drive through as many poles as they want without major damage, but when it comes to hedges, they are the equivalent of crashing against a brick fortified wall – as this meme perfectly highlights.
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When the police are chasing the player, they throw every safety protocol out the window and follow the boldest methods to stop and arrest players when they are driving. It is hard for police forces to stop a moving vehicle, but there have to be better ways than plain crashing into the criminal’s car.
Other annoying police techniques include driving next to or in front of the player to slow him or her down, shooting, calling helicopters, and using spike strips, but nothing comes out as desperate as trying to stop the player by hitting its side, rear-end, or front.
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Every player knows that it doesn’t really matter if they’ve robbed a store, shot civilians, stolen a vehicle, or got 5 stars on a police chase, there is always the possibility of successfully hiding and being forgiven of all the crimes committed.
In the real world, one person causing so much havoc would lead to their face being plastered on wanted posters so they could never be forgotten, but this logic doesn’t apply in GTA V.
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