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Destiny 2 Operation: Seraph Shield Legend Tips – Fanbyte

merritt k, JANUARY 2, 2023
If you’re looking to earn the catalysts for the new Exotic weapon Revision Zero in Destiny 2, then you’ll need to complete the Legend version of the Operation: Seraph Shield mission. Depending on your loadout and fireteam size, that can be quite easy or rather tricky. Since the mission scales with more players, it can actually be easier to complete solo than in a group. But regardless of whether you’re running it alone or with a fireteam, these tips should help you out.
For the Knight, you have two main concerns — neither of which is the Knight itself. The boss will be content to just hang out on the central platform, where you can pelt it at your leisure. The real problems in this encounter begin once the Knight flees the scene, summoning a veritable army of Fallen and three Brigs to kill you. Your two priorities are keeping the numbers of Dregs and other low-level adds down and taking out the Brigs. Remember, the Chaff modifier is on, so you don’t have radar — be sure to check your six frequently.
Whether you’re in a fireteam or solo, the easiest way to complete this encounter in Legend Seraph Shield is to stick to the outer ring of the arena and slowly rotate around to take out the Brigs, clearing out Fallen on your way. For the Brigs themselves, rockets are probably the most effective heavy weapon you can use. If you’re in a fireteam, one member using Gjallarhorn can be a big help here. Regardless, Rocket Launcher Reserves mods can be useful — and don’t forget to use the heavy ammo refill spot when you start running low. Avoid using linear fusion rifles, since they can’t score critical hits on Brigs until their health bar is quite low already. Remember that Brigs become more dangerous when they’re critically damaged and leap up into the air, at which point they begin rapid-firing explosive rounds. So once you crack a Brig’s armor, finish it as quickly as possible.
Abilities and supers that provide cover or hide you from sight are very useful here. Void is great on Hunters and Titans, and Solar on Warlocks will be a big help.
While you’re taking out the Brigs, you’re going to want to try and manage the huge numbers of Fallen that flood into the arena. Witherhoard can be great for this, and doubles as tick damage on Brigs. A solid auto-firing weapon like an SMG or auto rifle will be useful too — ideally with a One For All/Stats for All perk combo. Riskrunner can be helpful, too. Be sure to watch out for sniper Shanks hovering in the air — prioritizing them will make your life a lot easier.
Keep rotating around the arena and taking out Brigs, and with a little practice you should be able to complete this encounter. Oh, and if you’re in a fireteam, try to stick together — when someone’s downed, you only have 30 seconds to revive them before you all wipe.
You fight this boss in the same room as the second-to-last encounter of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. It’s a large room with plenty of catwalks and staircases that are easy to get tangled up in. In the Legend version of Seraph Shield, being aware of your surroundings is even more critical.
Again, the boss itself here is really not your main concern. Praksis sort of lumbers around the arena taking potshots at you, and the biggest threat he presents are the Stasis grenades he tosses, which can slow you down enough that the Scorn chasing you around can catch up and introduce you to the business ends of their braziers. Keep moving throughout the fight, and remember that there’s no time limit.
Take out the Fallen snipers as soon as they appear, because they’re some of the few enemies in the room that can hit you from a distance. For the Scorn, Witherhoard is again great since they tend to bunch up as they chase after you. Witherhoard is nice for boss damage too, since you can hit Praksis with it then focus on adds for a second while he takes damage. Rockets can be useful here as well, just make sure you have a clean shot before you take it — the arena is a lot more crowded than the Knight room. If you can line up your shot, linear fusion rifles damage Praksis pretty effectively, as do swords if you want to risk getting up close and personal.
Take it slow, stay mobile, and manage the adds and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with Praksis. This encounter can actually be easier than the Knight one, since there are fewer enemies shooting at you.
Hopefully these tips help you out with Legend Seraph Shield! If you’re still having trouble, let me know in the comments.
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