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Astral Chain: Tips & Tricks For Beginners – Twinfinite

Hayes Madsen
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Legions are the bread and butter of your combat abilities, and they heavily factor into any strategy you might have. Astral Chain is entirely designed around using these different Legions frequently, both in and out of combat.
While you’re exploring you’ll, obviously, need to switch Legions to do things like open doors with the Arm Legion or dig with the Beast Legion, but make sure you’re also doing that in combat.
Certain Legions are better for certain situations. For example, the Sword Legion can tie up groups of enemies with its quick sweeping attacks, saving you when you’re swarmed by enemies.
Meanwhile, the Beast Legion is the most agile of the bunch making it easiest to wrap your chain around enemies, or letting you hop on its back by using L to get out of a massive boss attack.
Just keep all of your Legion’s abilities in mind, and don’t get locked into only using one, as it’ll definitely make combat tough as you get farther.
While Astral Chain isn’t open world or anything, there are a ton of secrets and collectibles to find along the way.
Each File in the game has a host of different missions to complete, red missions that are major ones, and blue missions that are side ones.
While you can see most of these markers on your map, some missions can only be discovered by exploring, like finding an Astral Plane gate hidden behind a dumpster.
You also have toilets and cats to watch out for as the game’s main collectibles, and most of these are hidden away. Cats can be rescued and brought to your safehouse where you can visit them. Toilets will give you a new kind of toilet paper that you can give to the Toilet Fairy in Neuron HQ for a reward.
Finally, if you want to collect all the Red Matter in a level you’ll have to explore. The more you collect the better your score will be at the end of the File.
With all of this in mind, you should take your time on each File and not just rush through.
Each Legion can equip two different abilities that will be mapped to the X and Y buttons, and you can learn more abilities through Legion Learning.
During battle you need to hold down ZL to take control of your Legion, then hit X or Y to use an ability. The great thing here is that abilities are simply on a cooldown, so there’s no limit to how much you can use them.
Abilities have hugely useful effects like boosting the attack power of both you and your Legion, or letting the Beat Legion let out a howl that stuns all nearby enemies.
Set up a diverse selection of abilities on your Legions, and then make sure to make constant use of them in battle. They’re easily some of your most useful tools.
At the end of every File your grade will determine how much you get paid. Money, or G as it’s called, is hugely important in Astral Chain as you’ll it to buy medicine and combat items, and upgrade your weapons and Legatus.
Luckily, there’s an easy way to make a ton more G, all you need to do is sell your Salvage. You’ll collect a ton of Salvage in the game, from Broken X-Batons to Chipped Radios.
You don’t really need to hold onto any Salvage, with the exception of Cat Food which is used to, of course, feed cats. Everything else you can simply sell by heading to a merchant and then finding the Salvage tab on the sell option.
Investing in weapon upgrades can be pricey but it’s well worth it, so don’t be afraid to sell a bunch of Salvage to do so.
Combat can be quite demanding in Astral Chain, especially as you get further in the game. Your health is constantly going to take a hit, and you’ll need to do everything you can to keep it up.
One of the best ways to do this is with the “Finish Off” command that you’ll see pop up in combat. When a Chimera enemy is near death the Finish Off command will appear over them, and you can hit A to have your Legion rush over and pull out their core.
There are two benefits to doing this, for one it’ll completely restore your health, the second thing is that it slightly boosts the amount of Gene Core you get, which is basically experience for your Legion.
The healing factor is really what makes Finish Off so useful, though, and it can be lifesaving when you’re in the thick of a crazy battle.
For even more tips and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or take a look at our extensive Astral Chain guide wiki.
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