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An email has reportedly been sent out to Xbox Live Gold subscribers confirming that Xbox 360 games will no longer be added from October.
The monthly offerings on Xbox Gold will take a hit in quality later this year, as Microsoft has informed subscribers that the service will stop adding Xbox 360 games in October. Xbox Gold is a subscription service that is required to play online games, with the exception of free-to-play Xbox Live titles.
In recent years, Xbox Gold has been seen as an afterthought by many fans, as Microsoft is pouring its efforts into Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Gold grants four games a month, which is one more than PlayStation Plus Essential. The main difference is that PlayStation Plus titles tend to be of a higher quality than the Xbox Gold ones, especially as they will include PS5 games. Microsoft tends to put Xbox Series X/S titles on Xbox Game Pass, with Xbox Gold receiving Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox titles. The fact that Xbox Gold gives games from older systems is a bonus, as PlayStation Plus Essential only gives PS4 and PS5 games, but that could change in the future, considering the new PlayStation Plus subscription model has brought classic games back into the fold.
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The monthly Xbox Gold offerings are rarely worth getting excited over, which will be even more true in 2022. According to Wario64 on Twitter, Xbox Gold subscribers in Europe have been receiving emails claiming that Xbox Games With Gold will no longer add new Xbox 360 titles starting in October. The Xbox 360 games that have already been claimed as part of previous months will still be available to be redownloaded in the future.
The loss of the Xbox 360 games from Xbox Gold will be felt, as they were often the most interesting titles, including Resident Evil Code: Veronica X in October 2021Injustice in June 2021, and Hydrophobia in February 2022. The Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S have a much easier time with backward compatibility than the competition, with even PlayStation Plus Extra resorting to streaming for PS3 games, so having some older titles added into the mix was a novelty compared to the unknown indie games that make up the Xbox Gold line-up every month. Xbox Games With Gold will continue to add Xbox One games in the future, though that library will continue to dwindle in quality, as the better games are already on Xbox Game Pass.
It’s unclear whether Microsoft will eventually bite the bullet and merge Xbox Gold with Xbox Game Pass, as a way of making that service even more attractive. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate already combines the services with PC Game Pass for an additional cost. Sony has just expanded its PlayStation Plus system with expensive tiers that still don’t match up to Xbox Game Pass in terms of content, so Microsoft’s best play might be to simplify things and bring Xbox Gold into Xbox Game Pass.
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Source: Wario64/Twitter
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