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Ivy Press recently revealed Wordle Challenge, a printed book packed with hundreds of Wordle puzzles– though they are different from classic Wordle.
A new physical puzzle book based on viral sensation Wordle has been announced, but some fans of the original browser game may think it looks suspiciously easy. This book is far from the only extra piece of content based upon the immensely popular word puzzle game, as a number of quirky spin-offs have been created, including a recent Fortnite-Wordle combo game.
The list of Wordle clones is massive and seems to continue to grow each day, but they are nearly all from third-party developers and not directly associated with the original games or The New York Times, which purchased Wordle earlier this year. This has led to Wordle becoming less of a franchise and more of its own puzzle sub-genre, with other free-to-play games adopting its general guessing and deductive reasoning structure, and crafting new titles themed on subjects like geography, history, and even trivia about other video games. It looks like The New York Times itself might be attempting to expand the world of Wordle with officially licensed extraneous materials like the recently released WordleBot, which rates a player’s choices and provides AI-generated feedback.
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The Wordle brand continues to fill out and diversify with the reveal of Wordle Challenge, a new puzzle collection from novelty book publisher Ivy Press. As covered by Twinfinite, the puzzles found within Wordle Challenge follow the same formula as Wordle, but it looks like the top five guesses will already be completed for the player, who only has to take the information provided by those previous “guesses” and fill out the bottom word. There is also a clue provided with each puzzle, and an answer key located at the end of the book.
An answer key won’t inherently make these puzzles any easier, as one could argue that the internet itself is an answer key, with the solutions to each Wordle challenge only a Google search away. However, anyone who is bad at regular Wordle might be helped quite a bit by the hints that go along with each page, as no such inclusion can be found in the browser version of the game.
Wordle purists might scoff at the fact that the first five guesses are already filled out, but a few moments of consideration will lead most fans to understand the reasoning behind this; as a puzzle book rather than an electronic game, it is impossible to practically provide real-time feedback to players based on each guess. Through this new approach, Wordle Challenge should offer an entirely new type of gaming experience– hopefully one that Wordle fans across the globe will enjoy.
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Source: Twinfinite
Nick Rodriguez is a Senior Writer for Screen Rant. While vigorously passionate about books, movies, and music, he was particularly drawn to video games since he first laid eyes on Spyro the Dragon and (much to his mother’s distaste) Silent Hill. More recently, his favorites have included Disco Elysium, Red Dead Redemption II, Kentucky Route Zero, and the Mass Effect series. Presently, he spends most of his time typing away in the chilly state of Wisconsin.


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