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The multiplayer-focused Evil Dead: The Game may not have quite the traditional single-player campaign mode that players have come to expect.
Evil Dead: The Game is set for release this week, and the question percolating in the minds of many is whether it will have a proper single-player mode. It’s already known that the title’s primary focus is on an asymmetrical four-player experience that may bring to mind games like the Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight with their killer-player gameplay, but the loop departs from the formula popularized by those games. Like titles with trial and challenge-based single-player modes, developer Saber Interactive has confirmed Evil Dead: The Game has a non-traditional single-player option.
Unlike the more recent survival-style asymmetrical games, Evil Dead: The Game gives players far more than surviving. Starring the titular character Ash Williams and several returning characters across the films and TV series, Evil Dead: The Game’s primary mode pits four players against a fifth player. The fifth player takes control of a Kandarian demon, as shown by Evil Dead trailers that can possess various objects and characters (such as the players) to impede their progress. The four hero players engage with NPC Deadites, traps placed by the Kandarian player, and those possessed as they seek the collect the Necronomicon to win the game. For the “survivor” characters, the game focuses less on running and hiding, and more on brutal action combat; these individuals are more warriors than frightened teens and adults, much like their film and movie counterparts.
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The single-player mode is similar to the one found in the Left 4 Dead games. Players will be able to take control of a character of their choosing while playing a remixed version of the multiplayer. Character slots are occupied by bots, as is the Kandarian foe. The title won’t have a traditional story mode/campaign, as the game’s core is designed around cooperative elements. It’s also important to note that, at this time, the single-player mode does require online connectivity to play.
While the always-online element and lack of a substantial campaign may be disappointing, there’s always the chance more could be added as the game grows and evolves. Aside from the game featuring the return of Evil Dead‘s Bruce Campbell, one positive to look forward to is that Saber Interactive has said that the single-player mode will feature extra lore and side missions to explore the Evil Dead universe further. Players will also unlock additional cosmetics through the single-player experience and game-unique recordings by Professor Knowby – the character who originally unearthed the Necronomicon as revealed through exposition in the original Evil Dead film.
The opportunity to connect the game to the greater Evil Dead universe should provide fans some comfort in the absence of a traditional single-player mode. In addition, it incentivizes players to expand their understanding of the game and the Evil Dead world through lore. Fans can experience Evil Dead: The Game via multiplayer or an AI-focused single-player mode when it releases on May 13.
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Dakota Brown is a gaming feature writer for Screen Rant with a background in IT and digital audience management. Up until 2017, he assisted with editing and contributing to various small gaming podcasts. He spends his spare time writing short stories, repairing and upgrading old game consoles, and going on spontaneous cross-country travels.


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