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Icecores are crafting materials required to advance weapons of the Ice Element in Tower of Fantasy. Wanderers can find this resource or buy it.
To enhance Ice Elemental weapons such as Rosy Edge, Icewind Arrow, or Absolute Zero, Tower of Fantasy Wanderers will need a basic crafting material known as Icecore. Similar to the rarity tiers of Genshin Impact's weapon ascension materials, Elemental Shards such as Icecores have different levels of refinement, with the Icecore itself being the most basic. For example, melding four Icecore together will create a Heart of Winter, a higher-tier resource in Tower of Fantasy that can be used to enhance higher-level gear. Accordingly, finding and obtaining Icecores will also be relevant for those advancing their Ice-imbued armaments.
To get Icecores or other Elemental Shards in Tower of Fantasy, Wanderers have two primary options. First, they can visit the Weapon Store, where Icecores are sold with a daily stock of 10. Each shard costs Black Gold ×1, the byproduct currency received from Special Orders. Specifically, Wanderers must use Gold Nuclei to acquire Black Gold. The Weapon Store also contains duplicate cores for equipment the player already owns. However, these items cost a much higher price than Elemental Shards. Nevertheless, such rarities are a better choice than spending Black Gold for shards unless the Wanderer has excess currency to spend.
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Exploration is the other method of finding Icecore materials in Tower of Fantasy. Similar to Firecores found throughout the environment, Icecore nodes are placed in fixed locations across the map and can be harvested for their resources. While players will typically receive basic Icecores, there is a chance they will receive higher-refined items like a Heart of Winter.
However, Icecore clusters cannot be harvested by simply striking them with any weapon in Tower of Fantasy. Similar to how Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact require the Pyro Element to be shattered, Icecore nodes are exclusively broken using Ice Elemental weaponry. Accordingly, Wanderers must use an armament like Frosted Spear or Icewind Arrow to destroy an Icecore cluster and receive its resources. To get these Element-specific weapons, players can participate in the game's gacha system using Red or Gold Nuclei. While these gacha orbs cost real money, F2P players should not have to worry since the Tower of Fantasy showers newcomers with rewards during the initial hours of their journey.
According to Pro Game Guides, Tower of Fantasy Wanderers can also use Frost Cores to break open Icecores. Frost Cores are small, docile creatures that can be picked up and hurled at Icecore nodes. This action will instantly break the node, allowing the player to easily collect its resources in Tower of Fantasy.
Source: Pro Game Guides
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