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The first Overwatch 2 beta recently ended and left fans longing for more, but fortunately Blizzard confirmed that another beta is in the works.
Overwatch 2 has been in development for quite some time now, and fans recently got a taste of all the new changes coming to the much-anticipated sequel during the PvP beta. This first beta ran for about three weeks and provided feedback to fans and developers about the many changes coming to Overwatch 2.
This sequel is making some pretty drastic adjustments to the dynamic of Overwatch, so it is important that players are eased into these changes. Since the Overwatch community has been very vocal about some of the decisions made to their beloved hero-shooter, Blizzard needs to properly and gradually tweak all the changes made in Overwatch 2. The best way to do this is through betas in which players can experience the game themselves and voice their own opinions.
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Blizzard has not directly stated when a second beta will be available, but the developers have said that a new update and event are scheduled for June 16. This update will likely address the exact date and times for the next beta, which should become available close to the same date.
The team behind Overwatch 2 has been very open when it comes to sharing information with fans and has updated its developer blog multiple times during and after the last beta. Most of this information was in regard to the performance of particular roles or heroes and how they are being adjusted for better balancing. The second beta will likely feature even more alterations, so players should prepare for a more finely polished experience the second time around.
It is worth noting that the first beta was only available to PC players, meaning many of the Overwatch fanbase was left out of the experience. Blizzard has not confirmed whether the second beta will include console players, but the developer has stated that console players will be included in future betas, making it possible for the next one to be available to them.
Since Overwatch 2 is changing way the game is played, mainly by reducing the team sizes from six to five, the original game is bound to feel significantly different. Many heroes, maps, and game modes play very differently between the two games and some fans have been left frustrated with the changes.
Many heroes have been entirely reworked and changed to create a different experience and some, such as Doomfist, have changed roles entirely. Overwatch 2 wants to put less pressure on the tank role to act as a shield and has therefore made the tank more of an offensive character while also reducing the number of tank players on each team by one. Though this is a big change, it is one that will make players to rethink how they play the game.
Unfortunately, since there is no official release date for the sequel, many players are upset with the brevity of the first beta and are anxious to get back into Overwatch 2 and continue to experience the new game. Hopefully, Blizzard will be able to quell fans’ concerns and help deliver more information in regard to future testing and possible release dates with the upcoming Overwatch 2 event.
Even though Overwatch 2 has had a rocky development, the success of the first beta and the announcement of a new event in the near future are good signs for fans. Developers have yet to comment on the highly anticipated PvE mode for Overwatch 2, which will hopefully receive a beta, or at the very least, more information, in the coming updates.
Overwatch 2 is currently in development.
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