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Players looking to improve their crafting in V Rising can use Workshop flooring to create a specialized room to increase efficiency.
As players progress in V Rising, they will eventually benefit greatly from creating dedicated Workshop Rooms in order to increase efficiency and productivity. V Rising is a top-down massive multiplayer online roleplaying game that focuses heavily on crafting and survival. As players take on the role of a vampire after it wakes up from a centuries-long nap, they will need to use crafting to produce items, better their equipment, and build their castle to tackle all the dangers the harsh world of V Rising will throw at them. As players will need to invest heavily in crafting as the game progresses, they will benefit significantly from increasing efficiency by building dedicated Workshop Rooms.
As players explore the land and defeat many enemies, they will find themselves collecting all kinds of blueprints and recipes. These can be used to craft new equipment or to build new structures back at their base. Some constructs, such as Workshop Flooring, can greatly increase the efficiency of certain structures as they allow players to build specialized rooms. To do this, players must ensure a room is enclosed by castle walls and a door frame and then cover the ground with specialized Flooring.
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Most blueprints and recipes in V Rising, as well as vampiric powers, will be acquired by defeating bosses. Unfortunately, these bosses can present very difficult challenges and can sometimes be very hard to find. To help players locate these bosses, they can build a Blood Altar in their castle. This structure will allow players to actively track a boss and preview some of the rewards they can obtain by defeating them.
Unlocking Workshop Flooring in V Rising is relatively straightforward, as players only need to find and defeat the level 27 boss, Grayson the Armorer. To find him, players can head to the Bandit Armory to the west of Farbane Woods or use the Blood Altar in V Rising. Although this fight is not particularly difficult, it is recommended that players upgrade to the Merciless Nightsalker set before attempting it.
Defeating Grayson the Armorer will reward players with the Crimson Aegis power, the Whetstone recipe, and several blueprints, including the Workshop Flooring, which players can then use to cover the ground of a room at their castle to create a Workshop Room. This room will reduce material costs by 25% and significantly increase production speed. Some of the constructs that will benefit from being placed in a Workshop Room include the Woodworking Bench, the Grinder, and the Sawmill in V Rising.
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V Rising is available on PC.
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