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One of the best ways to discover new food recipes for cooking in Tower of Fantasy is to use online community tools free for players to use.
Cooking in open-world games can be fun or cumbersome, depending on the level of polish with the crafting mechanics, and Tower of Fantasy falls somewhere between these two extremes on the spectrum of engagement. From a glance, the cooking system is straightforward to get into, requiring Wanderers to gather specific ingredients to craft a recipe. This process involves approaching a cooking pot and inserting suitable materials. For example, cooking Game Meat ×2 yields Sizzling Meat, a dish that restores 10 Satiety. However, as Tower of Fantasy fans collect different ingredients, the simplicity begins to fade as they likely wonder how more recipes are unlocked.
Unlocking cooking recipes in Tower of Fantasy is essential for completing certain side quests and obtaining secret World Exploration rewards. For example, it is impossible to acquire a Vehicle component for the Monocross Mount without cooking an undiscovered meal for an NPC. Accordingly, those who keep wasting resources and failing the discovery of new recipes will undoubtedly be frustrated with the vague ambiguity of the cooking system.
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Fortunately, there is a solution for understanding Tower of Fantasy's cooking system and how all recipes can be unlocked. The answer lies within third-party resources provided by the game's active community. In other words, Wanderers are encouraged to stop focusing on discovering recipes on their own and instead turn to online resources for all their Aesperia culinary needs.
While the chosen third-party resources for Tower of Fantasy will depend on individual preference, two of the best free online tools for cooking and recipe discovery are's "Tower of Fantasy Cooking Dish Recipe List" and AppSample's "Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map."'s recipe list provides every available recipe in the game, including those that players do not have unlocked by default. AppSample's map will present Wanderers with where they can find the required ingredients in the world. While the map is not as developed as the in-game map, it still provides excellent information regarding the general location of resources for cooking.
Accordingly, here is a list of sample steps for discovering a new recipe in Tower of Fantasy:
Source: | AppSample
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