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After beating The Quarry, players can take different decisions with Chapter Select, try out Death Rewind or try to find all the collectibles.
After beating Supermassive Games’ The Quarry, players can revisit the story to complete some endgame content and seek out achievements. The Quarry is the newest story-driven horror from Supermassive Games after hits like Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology. Although players will get a unique ending in their first playthrough, there are several endings to The Quarry, many pathways, collectibles, and a multiplayer mode that encourage players to return after beating the game.
The Quarry is a game that encourages players to do several playthroughs to get as many endings as possible. Players can earn several main endings, including finding Silas and ending the curse forever, killing too many characters off and not ending the curse, and having key characters die, among others. The best of these endings is to have Laura and Travis Hackett work together with Ryan to find Silas, kill him, and end the curse, but there are a lot of decisions to make before this happens. Given the number of endings in The Quarry and collectibles in the game, players have plenty to do after beating the game.
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After beating The Quarry, players can try to earn other endings, collect all the Tarot cards, complete game achievements, try out the Death Rewind mechanic, and explore specific chapters with Chapter Select.
If players purchase the regular version, Death Rewind is unlocked after beating The Quarry. It’s available from the beginning for players who purchased the Deluxe Edition. Once players beat the game, they can use Death Rewind up to three times to reverse a decision they made that led to a character’s death. This does not mean the character will survive the game, as players may make decisions that lead to death later, but The Quarry’s Death Rewind mechanic saves the character in this particular instance.
The Quarry is a story-based game with heavy character development, making it the perfect game to play cooperatively with friends. Once players beat The Quarry solo, they can revisit the game with local co-op mode. This option is available from the start menu and can function with up to eight cooperative players playing each of the game’s eight characters. Since The Quarry has local co-op, players must be together and share a controller, but it adds depth to the game to play with friends. Unfortunately, there is currently no online multiplayer mode in The Quarry.
If players want to explore other endings in The Quarry, they can choose specific chapters to play through from the chapter select screen. This is only unlocked once players beat The Quarry, regardless of the ending they get. There are 12 chapters total, so players can revisit their previous playthrough save file and replay certain chapters based on their decisions.
Not only does The Quarry have a lot of endings to encourage players to go through multiple playthroughs, but there is a ton of evidence and Tarot Cards that players can find to help enrich the story. In addition, players can earn 41 trophies/achievements, many of which can only be unlocked by multiple playthroughs. For example, there is one achievement for keeping everyone alive and another for only keeping Kaitlyn alive; multiple playthroughs are necessary to get every achievement and find The Quarry’s 186 unique endings. The game also features 22 Tarot Cards, 10 pieces of evidence, and 40 clues hidden throughout the chapters, so players who enjoy fully completing games will have a lot more to explore once the first playthrough is finished.
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The Quarry is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.
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