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Zenimax Online Studios is expanding on the system introduced in Blackwood by adding two new companions to The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle.
The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle sets sail on June 6th, 2022. Ever since its debut in 2014, The Elder Scrolls Online has received a steady stream of post-launch support in the form of expansion sets called Chapters and smaller content packs accompanying it. This alternating release format eventually got standardized into year-long storylines, and this year's theme focuses on the legacy of the Bretons.
High Isle puts the players in the Systres Archipelago, a collection of Mediterranean islands that connect the Summerset Isles and High Rock. This time, the plot puts aside Daedric invasions and schemes in favor of political plots and intrigue, as a shadowy organization called the Ascendant Order seeks to subvert the peace talks held between the Three Banners taking place on the archipelago.
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Joining the players in their adventures on the High Isle will be two companions: Ember and Isobel. Ember is a Khajiit of flexible morality who grew up on the streets and is well versed in the magical arts as a Sorcerer. Isobel, on the other hand, is an honorable Breton and aspiring knight who possesses some skills in the way of the Templar. Ember and Isobel are an extension of the system introduced in the Blackwood Chapter with Mirri Elendis and Bastian Hallix, the first two companions of The Elder Scrolls Online.
One of the major requests of the playerbase since the system was introduced a year ago was companions that didn't object to the player-character performing unsavory and immoral acts such as murder. Ember looks to be a response to those requests – as based on Public Realm Testing – her disposition seems to be that of an excited, impressionable young woman who takes equal joy in exploring the world and slimming the pockets of an unsuspecting merchant.
By contrast, Isobel Velois is a minor noble-turned-knight who, despite her upbringing and choice of occupation, is anything but stiff or preachy in the way she conducts herself. Voiced by Laura Bailey, who did voice acting for Skyrim's first complex companion in Serana, Isobel is rapidly becoming a favorite due to the base potency of her healing as a Templar, making traversing the dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online on one's own an even more viable strategy.
Regardless of the companion players choose to be accompanied by, High Isle promises a land of adventure, riches, and intrigue – and it never hurts to have someone watching your back.
The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle will release on June 6 for PC, Mac, and Stadia, and on June 21 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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