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See which of the best games you could play with your friends from different platforms! Big games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Warzone!
Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and Genshin Impact – what these big-hitting titles all have in common is one feature in particular that can enhance a title’s longevity and community, crossplay function. The function exists exclusively to connect gamers of different platforms to play together whether it be as pirates out on the open sea, or warriors of light defending the world from the forces of evil!
Seeing as how the three popular titles reside as titans of the gaming industry it is to no one’s surprise that developers and following gaming titles have made moves to incorporate the feature as well. In fact, it is expected that many of the titles to be featured in the upcoming Summer Game Fest on the 9th of June will possess crossplay as well. Taking a look at the games currently enabling the feature gives insight into how the future of cross-platform gaming seems to be a bright one!
Play as a maniacal killer or desperate survivor across Playstation, Xbox, PC, and Switch with Dead by Daylight crossplay mode! After releasing in June of 2016 the horror survival title has gone on to expand its playability with a plethora of maps, characters, and killers. Making for a great game with countless replayability for players and their friends.
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Though the initial launch of this title was without the crossplay feature it was later implemented after its great success to allow players from all sorts of different platforms to partake in the scary killing game together. This feature can be accessed in the options under the online mode, where players can choose to have it enabled.
Among Us took the gaming scene by storm with its gameplay of having players manipulate and scheme against each other as Humans vs. Imposters. Just by swapping who players played alongside each round of the imposter game could become completely different than the last. Because of this principle Among Us has become a game that never fails to surprise.
Eventually, the title managed to spread its reach among almost every platform. Mobile, PC, Playstation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. The best part is that no matter the platform anyone can partake in the space deception game on any platform together. Having boasted longevity of over two years in mass popularity, the game doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon.
Battle royal-themed games exploded in popularity in the past five years. However, it was the Call of Duty series’ second battle royal title that really took off and made itself prominent in the genre. Battle in solo, trios, or teams of four against 96-100 other players all over the world on large scale maps present with dynamic features in an enclosing barrier of toxic gas.
This crossplay first-person shooter stands as one of the best and has since then become accessible to PC, Xbox, and Playstation. And thanks to such compatibility the game is easier than ever to get into with little to no wait times. Its broad audience means that no matter how long players partake in the game running into someone new and different is no more difficult than pressing a button.
Sports games generally don’t hold much popularity in the gaming sphere, however, Rocket League stands in a league of its own. There’s something surreal about directing a several-meter-tall soccer ball using rocket-propelled vehicles. And the internet agrees, rewarding the title with three awards for its multiplayer strength, aptitude as a sports game, and accessibility for families.
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Rocket League is playable between PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. The option for crossplay can be toggled from the game’s setting menu. Compete against sports fans all over the world in this game where every move of the player determines a team’s win or loss, or hone your skills to partake in the title’s many tournaments, a testament to the game’s relevancy.
There’s nothing quite like sailing the seven seas in search of legends and treasures with friends, even more so when those friends can even be folks on a different platform. Thankfully, Sea of Thieves is just the right game for that! The game has since been likened to that many of the best sea exploration or naval battle games.
Players should note that crossplay for Sea of Thieves only works between two platforms, Xbox and PC. Other than that the game isn’t available anywhere else so further crossplay is not a possibility. But those capable should find themselves indulged in the game’s mysteries and story, sailing forth for discoveries as many have in the years it’s been released.
It’s quite rare for an MMORPG to be released on something other than PC, even rarer when both console and PC versions of the game allow for the two different platforms to play together. Travel the vast world whilst experiencing a fascinating and exciting story among thousands of other players across the world!
Final Fantasy XIV stands as one of the greatest MMORPG games of all time, standing on the same field as WOW and Elder Scrolls Online. The title has crossplay available between Playstation and PC only. Praise for this title certainly also erupts from its lenient subscription, allowing players to play the game without it up until the end of the first expansion.
Being chefs who hone their skills to stop a gluttonous being from destroying the earth has never been better with Overcooked! 2, as this time the title features online play along with crossplay features across several platforms. Following the success of the first game, it’s great that the developers implemented and improved upon the former’s design to provide a more accessible game.
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Players can team up together across PC, Switch, Xbox, and Playstation while still having access to the story in which they can progress together. This game is especially enjoyable when rushing with friends to meet the insane quotas, even sparking rivalries to see who can complete their assigned orders before the other.
Minecraft is a game that has dominated the industry for about a decade. Its freedom allows players of any skill to choose how to approach the game.  Whether it be children or young adults both can interpret the title to a play style that is the most enjoyable to them.
With how prominent the game is it is not an exaggeration to say that gamers, no matter how long they’ve partaken in the hobby, have at least heard the name once. And with Microsoft’s acquisition, its range has only expanded, allowing cross-play between mobile devices, Playstation, Xbox, and PC!
If any game deserves the title of the most influential game of the decade then it has to be the colossus that is Fortnite. Thanks to its influence a whole plethora of battle royal-themed games were brought into existence and expanded the genre with both good and bad games alike.
Not only is the title free to play but it also allows for players on different platforms can play together or as enemies. With accessibility on PC, Switch, Mobile, Xbox, and Playstation it’s no exaggeration to say almost anyone can play the game. So players should jump right in and enjoy some of the best limited-time events the title has to offer!
Genshin Impact defied expectations with its ultimately successful release. It has then gone on to accomplish feat after feat, keeping its popularity and relevance as time passes with several huge updates and events. Not to mention the positive fanbase that sings praises of the title throughout social media pulling in even more potential long-time players.
The game upon release has stated that eventually, it will release on the Nintendo Switch however as of now that is not the case. Instead, it is available to play only on the Playstation, PC, iOS, and Android. Crossplay and progression travel between these devices making it easy to play wherever and whenever!
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