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Sources claim that Halo Infinite’s rumored battle royale may be a PvPvE experience that has been in development for two and a half years now.
Halo Infinite may have had a few rough weeks and months following its initial release, but sources believe things may finally be looking up for the game's community. Its multiplayer, in particular, will be bolstered with the release of Season 2 content, and the long-rumored battle royale mode seems to be on its way as well.
The latest piece of information about Halo Infinite's ongoing development comes from Jez Corden, a gaming journalist who's had much to share about Halo in the past. Corden has now taken to Twitter to discuss some new info about the supposed PvPvE battle royale "Tatanka" game mode, claiming that it's going to be a major part of the game once it comes out.
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Rumors about Halo: Infinite's battle royale mode have been out and about for quite a long while now, though its exact nature remains mostly unknown. The working title "Tatanka" is supposedly referencing the idea that it would support up to 40 players at a time, and Corden has also said that it might have PvE elements to go along with regular PvP combat. On that, however, Corden is yet unsure, though he did say that the mode has been in development at Certain Affinity since Spring 2020.
Corden claims that Certain Affinity is working on "Tatanka" to offload 343 industries, which he believes is now focusing on core multiplayer and story DLC content. Most of the information Corden has been sharing was corroborated by a few other leakers, too. It was just a few days back, in fact, that some key details about Halo Infinite's battle royale leaked, revealing several different game modes, one of which referenced AI bots in particular.
There's a lot of excitement surrounding the rumored "Tatanka" battle royale mode, to be sure, but it's worth pointing out that the imminent release of two new maps in Halo Infinite Season 2 should help tide players over, too. Regular seasonal content is less glamorous than a potentially game-changing battle royale, of course, but it does show that this is a live-service game after all, with plenty of content coming in the future.
On that note, Halo Infinite will get TV series-inspired content as well, which may be interesting to see. As the series seems to be a standalone offshoot of the greater Halo universe, it's almost entirely contradictory to the games' established lore in more ways than not. Odds are good that it will be limited to cosmetics and the like, however.
Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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