Red Dead Online Update Found By Dataminers Amid #SaveRedDead Backlash – Screen Rant

Changes via SteamDB suggest Rockstar is gearing up for a new Red Dead Online update amid backlash about the multiplayer suite’s dearth of content.
Internet super sleuths have found evidence that indicates Red Dead Online will soon receive a new update, following months of #SaveRedDeadOnline backlash from community members. The Save Red Dead Online campaign began in January with a Twitter hashtag geared towards calling attention to Rockstar Games’ lack of commitment to Red Dead 2’s multiplayer suite.
Notably, news about Red Dead Online’s early 2022 offerings acted as the impetus for such a community-driven effort. The news in question revolved around reward bonuses that players would receive for participating in pre-existing multiplayer content. Rockstar unveiled the announcement through the lens of offering players a way to start off the new year. Needless to say, Red Dead faithful were less than pleased. And the studio has done very little to regain the community’s confidence in this regard, especially since Red Dead Online’s last major update, Blood Money, went live nearly a year ago in July 2021. Blood Money’s failure to offer anything that excited the user base only exacerbated concerns that Rockstar had given up on treating GTA Online and Red Dead Online with the same level of care.
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Twitter user William James (via StephKebab) recently noticed an update in Red Dead Online’s QABeta Branch on SteamDB. The last time the multiplayer game’s DLC Pack Depot received similar changes was prior to the rollout of the Blood Money update last summer, according to a subsequent Twitter post from StephKebab. Naturally, the hope is that Rockstar Games plans to unleash another major patch for Red Dead Online in the weeks or months ahead.
Changes to the SteamDB listing will more than likely draw the attention of #SaveRedDeadOnline supporters eagerly anticipating new content. Following the outcry in January, the social media protest reared its head again after Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive announced the ill-received GTA+ subscription service, which launched on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms this past March. While job postings hint at GTA+ eventually expanding to PC, Red Dead Online players remain in the dark about the future of their multiplayer experience of choice.
Rockstar Games introduced Red Dead Redemption 2 players to the Wild West of Red Dead Online months after the main game’s 2018 launch. The online suite stumbled out of the gate, never quite finding its rhythm but providing players with enough content to regular get back in the saddle. Unfortunately, Red Dead Online lost whatever momentum it had garnered, leaving many to lament its seeming abandonment by the developer.
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Red Dead Online is playable across Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.
Source: William James (via StephKebab/Twitter (1, 2))
A Senior Writer on Screen Rant’s Game News team, Brianna Reeves graduated from Sam Houston Statue University in 2018 with a Master of Arts in English Literature. Brianna’s enthusiasm for games dates back to Mortal Kombat Trilogy on PlayStation 1, along with classics like MediEvil, Syphon Filter, and THPS2. However, Red Dead Redemption reinvigorated her love for the medium; hopefully, that passion reflects in the work she has contributed to Comic Book Resources, PlayStation LifeStyle, GVMERS, and Screen Rant.


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