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Pokémon Unite is launching a new paid subscription service, and this decision has sparked considerable anger from the game’s player base.
Fans of Pokémon Unite have begun voicing their displeasure over the newly announced subscription service coming soon to the game. Since the title’s launch players could opt to play for free and unlock items such as cosmetics along the way, or by buying the season pass. Beginning soon though, players will have the option to opt-in to a new subscription-based service for Pokémon Unite, and fans aren’t too thrilled about the new model.
Pokémon Unite was first released back in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and later released for mobile devices. The game is similar to MOBAs such as DOTA and League of Legends, where 2 teams face off to take down the other team’s towers in order to win. In Pokémon Unite,  two teams of Pokémon team up to take down bots to level up and evolve, and collect points to invest in towers to seize the area. While it’s much simpler than other MOBAs, the simplicity of it makes this game easy for fans to dive into. Just like other MOBAs, Pokémon Unite lets players wear different skins for their Pokémon, as well as allowing the option to purchase a season pass for extra unlockables. Now a new method is being introduced, and so far the reception has not been very warm.
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As reported by Serebii.netPokémon Unite is introducing a subscription-based membership. Each month, players who purchase the subscription will receive a unique monthly Holowear, two free UNITE license trials, two Holowear License Trials a week, new Chat Balloons for members, a 10% discount on Trainer Fashion items, and 40 Gems every day. The subscription was announced to cost 1150 Yen each month, and there are currently no other currency prices announced. Interestingly enough, the contents received through the subscription can’t be shared between the Switch and Mobile versions of Pokémon Unite. The announcement of this membership has left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans though, and some have taken to Twitter to say why.
Although it is optional, many fans are upset about the new system as yet another form of microtransaction in a game already rife with them. Twitter user TransRatPunk says their gripe with the game stems from the fact that the game added an already predatory sales feature to a game that already has plenty. Another user, SlytherinRevie2, says that the game’s multitude of microtransactions was the reason they stopped playing the game altogether. Lastly, user ImMoonLOL is upset about the fact that a subscription service was even introduced nearly a year since the game’s release, and is overall upset at the microtransaction-heavy state of gaming in 2022. While these users do not speak for everyone, it is clear that this new subscription service has many fans upset at the current state of the game.
While no price point has been announced for other regions, it shouldn’t be long before this subscription is introduced in Pokémon Unite. While the service is optional, fans are overall upset at the sheer amount of microtransactions being thrown at them. Many players voicing their discontent with this news would rather see this effort placed towards improving the overall game itself, not just microtransactions.
Speaking of microtransactions, Serebii.net also reported that the newest season pass for Pokémon Unite was announced alongside the new Subscription service, focusing on Charizard and Blastoise with a seasonal springtime theme. While this news may delight some fans, there is no doubt that this announcement has left many disappointed in the direction the game is headed.
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Source: Serebii.net, TransRatPunk/Twitter, SlytherinRevie2/Twitter, ImMoonLOL/Twitter
Raymond Mancini is a Gaming News Writer for Screen Rant. After graduating from Monmouth University with a Bachelor’s Degree, Raymond pursued a career in journalism for his biggest passion: Video Games. His earliest video game memory is playing Mario Kart 64 with his family. Safe to say, this memory helped shape the passion he is pursuing to this day.


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