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Pikmin Bloom level rewards list, level up items and what we know about the max level cap – Eurogamer.net

Pikmin Bloom level rewards give you bonus items as walk steps, plant flowers and grow Pikmin.
Increasing your level not only allows you to unlock additional features, but gives you a trickle of reward items as you play.
These include expanding your Pikmin squad and unlocking new Seedling types, and single use slots to grow them in.
Our in-progress level rewards list gives you a look at the steps and other requirements needed to unlock Pikmin Bloom levels – and the rewards you earn along the way.
On this page:
Levels in Pikmin Bloom are mainly progressed by cumulative steps, so even if you aren’t actively planting flowers, you should be gradually increasing your step count wherever you go.
However, as well as this, are other requirements to level up in Pikmin Bloom – from planting Pikmin to picking their petals.
The following in-progress table explains the Pikmin Bloom level rewards and requirements, which has been sourced from various reddit threads by the community as well as our own discoveries.
More coming soon!
The above table explains what you get at each level – both in terms of individual items and when certain items unlock – but here’s the in-progress list at a glance:
More coming soon!
Pikmin Bloom has arrived! If you’ve just started travelling with Pikmin, check out our level rewards list and learn how to plant flowers. Once your Pikmin horde has grown, try sending them out on expeditions, interacting with big flowers and collecting coins.
According to a thread on the official community forum started by joanna, Pikmin Bloom’s max level cap is 60.
In the closed beta, level 60 was planned to be the cap, with sky high requirements to progress onwards. That didn’t appear to stop players however – allowing players to reach 100.
When the full game launched, the levelling requirements changed, and all beta players over the cap were moved down to level 60.
This is somewhat similar to the original cap for Harry Potter Wizards Unite, which we discovered soon after launch was also level 60.
This is different to Niantic’s earlier games – for example, Pokemon Go’s max level cap launched at 40 before going up to 50, while Ingress Prime allows players to Prestige and reset their progress back to the beginning once done.
With the amount of time it took to reach the cap in those games, understandably it’ll take some time for players to reach the cap in Pikmin Bloom.
We don’t know for sure what happens when you reach max level, but we suspect you’ll receive a final wave of valuable items to take away.
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