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During a match of Overwatch, one gamer manages to record an impressive play as Junkrat, using Concussion Mines to counter a Reinhardt.
One of the reasons for the success of Overwatch is likely the amount of different playable characters available. Each of these heroes has a different set of abilities that can significantly alter the outcome of a skirmish if used correctly. For example, Junkrat is a character that is a master of creating mayhem on the battlefield.
As a purveyor of chaos, Junkrat is a DPS hero with an assortment of traps and bombs to wreak havoc on an enemy team. Originating from Junkertown, this character features a deadly kit full of annoying attacks such as Concussion Mines that can knock opponents into the air. Recently, one player managed to use the chaos caused by this ability to pull off a unique and hilarious clip.
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In a post on Reddit, a user known as LonelyAtTop shared a video from a recent game of Overwatch. In the clip, the player revealed just how effective the kit of Junkrat could be in battle. The video started with the Reddit user playing a Junkrat on Numbani, a Hybrid map. The action in this clip occurred near the end of the escort phase while the player attempted to hold off a late push from the attacking team.
Wasting no time in the video, an opposing Reinhardt attempted to use his Earthshatter to turn the tide of the battle. However, LonelyAtTop countered quickly, detonating a Concussion Mine at the feet of the armored Tank, causing him to fly into the air. This was followed by another blast that continued to keep the Tank suspended above the ground. Finally, the Reinhardt player landed, killing the Junkrat player. However, the delay caused by the Reddit user’s Concussion Mines likely saved the lives of some of their teammates while providing a hilarious moment in the process.
Unsurprisingly, a number of fans of Overwatch have watched the clip since it was uploaded to Reddit by LonelyAtTop. In fact, the highlight has managed to gain several hundred upvotes over the past couple of days. Among the comments, several joked about how the Junkrat player managed to make the enemy Reinhardt bounce through the air. “He flying xD,” mercymainwithacat said on Reddit. In addition, another player noted that these types of plays caused them to lose their love for playing Reinhardt. “This is why I stopped maining rein,” Flaky-Ad-9388 commented.
Interestingly, Junkrat is not the only Overwatch character from Junkertwon that has been making news. In addition, Blizzard has revealed the Junker Queen, a new playable hero coming in Overwatch 2. As the name suggests, she is another character that calls Junkertown home. Fortunately, fans wanting to play as this new Tank hero will not have to wait long as another beta for the upcoming sequel is starting on June 28. It will be interesting to see how the Junker Queen and Junkrat fit into the meta for the newest installment in the series when it launches later this year.
Overwatch is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
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