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MultiVersus: The Biggest HBO Stars That Could Come To The Game – Screen Rant

HBO is already represented in MultiVersus with Arya Stark, meaning characters from the network’s other shows like The Sopranos could feature too.
Warner Bos.’ upcoming MultiVersus is set to bring together the company’s roster of properties into one fighting game, and with Game of Thrones‘ Arya Stark already confirmed, it’s possible that other characters from HBO series like The Sopranos or The Wire could show up as well. The game boasts an eclectic mix of characters spanning WB’s entire portfolio, from DC Comics to Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera, and the addition of more HBO characters would help add to its wacky premise. Bugs Bunny teaming up with Arya is weird enough, but there are several other shows WB could pull from to make MultiVersus even wilder.
MultiVersus has already put together one of the more off-kilter rosters for a fighting game in recent years. Classic characters such as Superman and Bugs Bunny are sharing the stage with more recent characters from Cartoon Network, such as Garnet and Finn. However, the presence of Arya Stark makes things more interesting. Arya hails from the adult Game of Thrones series, making her an unlikely candidate to stand alongside several typically family-friendly characters. However, Arya Stark’s inclusion in MultiVersus means that several other characters from HBO classics who would have never been considered otherwise are now fair game.
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Several classic HBO series have at least one character that sticks out as a potentially great choice for the MultiVersus roster, despite the potential clash in aesthetics. By the time the game’s roster has been completed, it is possible that one of these characters could have made their way into it and is doing battle with Shaggy Rogers and the Tazmanian Devil. With how unexpected many of the game’s roster selections have been so far, it is difficult to say that anything is impossible.
The Wire is a series about the drug game in Baltimore, following both the kingpins and dealers on the street as well as the cops trying to stop them. However, one of the series’ most fearsome fighters is not a member of either faction, nor has he appeared in any Multiversus roster leaks to date. Brother Mouzone is a hitman who may not have had much screentime. but he made the most of his appearances. With exploits including shooting Cheese, fighting Omar, and finally working with Omar to take out Stringer Bell, Brother Mouzone made his mark in the world of The Wire.
Brother Mouzone is distinct from most of the existing MultiVersus characters in that his skillset is almost entirely based around his gunplay. He would most likely be based around ranged combat, creating openings to take shots at his opponents and using gun tricks to secure victory. As for his personality, his calmness could be echoed in his behavior in-game, always levelheaded and unemotive even in the midst of a pitched battle.
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Brother Mouzone was a unique presence in The Wire, and he could be much the same in MultiVersus despite not receiving a memetic power boost like WB’s Shaggy. As a fighter with built-in gimmicks both in terms of personality and gameplay, he would make for an excellent addition to the roster. Characters in a fighting game need to be distinctive, and the New York hitman delivers that in spades. If MultiVersus is searching for an innovative new character, then Brother MouZone may be wishing his opponents a good day very soon.
Tony Soprano, the kingpin and namesake of The Sopranos has been discussed as a potential fighter in Multiversus by fans. However, as tough as Tony is, he’s the boss man, not a soldier. There are other characters from the series who would be more suited to the fast-paced, high-impact brawling of MultiVersus. Even though many fans want to see Tony Soprano in MultiVersus, the best contender from The Sopranos may be the sharp-dressed enforcer, Furio Giunta.
Brought in from Italy to serve under Tony, Furio quickly established himself as a calm, affable man capable of sudden and vicious violence. MultiVersus could recreate this by giving him rather relaxed idle animations in combination with a fierce fighting style. Fitting for his all-business approach to violence, Furio could have a variety of maneuvers that emphasize utility over flashiness. He would likely be a close-range brawler who uses his fists to great effect, with perhaps a handgun to add damage at range. He wouldn’t be a character with plenty of flash to his style. He would enter the fight, dominate, and leave like the professional he is.
Although Furio may not be the most famous character from The Sopranos, he may be its best option for MultiVersus. In addition, Furio could have several alternate costumes in MultiVersus thanks to his distinctive wardrobe. Able to switch from relaxed to violent effortlessly, he has what it takes to be an impressive and entertaining fighter.
Despite being a violent show, Oz surprisingly has few main characters who would translate effectively to a fighting game. O’Reily is a schemer rather than a fighter, Said is primarily a pacifist, and Alvarez is more pitiable than threatening. However, there is one lead prisoner in the series who could make the jump to MultiVersus easily, and that is Tobias Beecher. Initially introduced as a naive newcomer to prison, frequent bullying from Schillinger and the Aryans forced Beecher to evolve into a much more aggressive man.
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If Beecher were in MultiVersus, then his playstyle would likely have to reflect the aggression that he had to learn in order to survive. Much like the recently revealed MultiVersus character Tasmanian Devil, Beecher would be a wild fighter. He could sacrifice every other aspect of his game in favor of direct aggression. Beecher would likely be the embodiment of a berserker, attacking as often as possible to keep pressure on his opponent. This would effectively mirror his transformation in the show, where Beecher’s sudden and vicious revenge against Schillinger made him feared among the other inmates.
Having had less of a cultural footprint than The Sopranos or The WireOz would be the least likely of the three to get a representative into MultiVersus. However, if it were to happen, there would be few better choices than Beecher. Being one of the show’s most benign inmates as well as the most feared, Beecher would be an interesting presence in the game, albeit as one of the weirdest members of MultiVersus‘ roster.
HBO’s classics are still held up in high regard, and would be well suited to representation in the MultiVersus roster. Whether to bring new eyes to the old shows or celebrate their legacy, they would serve an excellent purpose in the game. They may sound like unlikely additions, but with how unique MultiVersus‘ roster already is, their additions might not be as shocking as one may think.
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Devin Friend is a graduate of McNeese State University with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. A lifelong love of cartoons and video games has given him endless enthusiasm as well as a critical eye for both mediums. Any game or show that catches his interest will be heavily researched and binged for hours on end. He has a great passion for creating characters and storytelling, and spends a lot of free time writing stories of his own.


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