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MultiVersus: Every Character In The Game, Ranked From Least To Most Powerful – Screen Rant

MultiVersus brings characters from Warner Bros. franchises together for a platform fighter and as a result, some characters are stronger than others.
With the newest closed alpha for MultiVersus come and gone, players got to have access to 15 characters from across different Warner Bros. franchises. Each one has a unique skillset with special abilities that add to the platform fighter in the same vein as the Super Smash Bros. series.
One thing that can be said so far with the current roster is that there aren’t any poor characters thus far. It’s clear that Player First Games care about the players and have created a roster that can appeal to nearly any playstyle. However, there are some characters that are better than others and when it comes to power, some are on the verge of being overpowered.
Jake is a polymorph which allows him to take the form of different creatures and objects. This allows him to create extra platforms for allies and deal damage at different ranges. He can devour his enemy, he can charge dash at his enemy, and so much more.
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There’s nothing really wrong with Jake The Dog, his damage is effective and his abilities are as strong as they are faithful to the source material. Someone had to be ranked as the least powerful but that shows how well done the roster is when the weakest character is still strong.
Finn of Adventure Time is a solid mid-ranged Assassin character, able to deal a good amount of damage thanks to his sword. He has a form of meta-gameplay in which he collects coins from his melee attacks that he can spend on summons from his backpack.
Unfortunately, his summonables are not that effective, even if they are welcome references to different iconic characters from Adventure Time. However, Finn’s other specials such as using his backpack as a weapon are still powerful.
Bugs Bunny’s main advantage is his ranged attacks such as throwing pies or sending out his ACME rocket. While the projectile distracts the opponents, Bugs can deal decent melee damage at short range.
Since his ranged attacks are a bit situational, Bugs’ specials can be difficult to master. However, he does have a burrowing ability to portal across the arena and this works for both him and his ally.
Considering how overpowered he was in the Injustice games, Superman is surprisingly nerfed in his MultiVersus counterpart. Superman is a Tank so obviously, if he lands a hit on his opponent, it deals a lot of damage.
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However, MultiVersus overcompensates by making Superman one of the slowest characters in the game. His flight, his specials, and even some of his melee attacks come across as way too slow, often exposing him to enemy attacks.
Steven is not the most powerful character but that’s because he’s not meant to be. Steven Universe is a Support class who, while having some offensive attacks, relies mostly on providing buffs for himself and his allies.
In terms of abilities, Steven can surround himself with a bubble to protect himself from damage but raises him into the air. He can also provide shields for himself and his allies.
Due to being an original character to MultiVersus, many players are going to bypass Reindog which is unfortunate. He has the ability to pull his ally back into the arena via his Love Leash ability which is very helpful.
He can deal so much damage from afar due to his Love Leash at the same time as he overlaps his ally. He also can set up an aerial trap that strikes the arena with lightning while providing decent melee attacks should the fight get up-close.
As to be expected with Batman being one of DC’s greatest fighters, Batman excels up close. He can deal a lot of damage with melee mixed with some of his gadgets.
However, one of his most effective abilities in combat is his smoke grenade which can provide cover, making dodging and predicting moves a bit more challenging. His other best ability comes in the form of his grapple gun which can save him from ring-outs and deal damage.
With her trusty Needle at her side, Arya Stark is one of the more agile fighters in MultiVersus. She can run fast on her own, she has a twirling dash ability that can also deal damage, and she can throw her knife to stun her enemy.
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To balance this out, Arya Stark’s damage is not the greatest but she can build it quickly. Her biggest downfall as a character is her Face Stealer ability. If executed properly, it can help Arya but it is so situational that the ability can come off as frustrating at times.
Garnet is a damage sponge, able to take a beating and keep going with her powerful melee attacks. However, most of her attacks require charging to be the most effective which balances her out a bit because she can deal a lot of damage very fast.
Being one of the Crystal Gems, Garnet can provide some armor to her team as well as stop enemy projectiles. Speaking of projectiles, she can fire her rocket gauntlets for a powerful ranged attack but has a longer cooldown.
Shaggy Rogers from the long list of Scooby-Doo shows is overall a balanced character: he can deal with a lot of close-range melee attacks but his ranged attacks are less than effective. He can increase his damage but the charge up leaves him exposed to more attacks.
This is why Shaggy is recommended as the first character to try out. He’s a solid all-rounder Bruiser that’s easy to pick up with several layers to his combat that takes some learning. Plus fans of Scooby-Doo can enjoy hearing Matthew Lillard reprise the voice.
Similar to Shaggy, Tom & Jerry have a little bit of everything going for them, including abilities that make them deadly at any range. As a bonus, their combat looks and feels straight out of classic Tom & Jerry episodes of the past.
They have their badminton ability which is both a projectile attack and a trap attack. They can put down other traps such as a mousetrap. They have a rapid upward special via the paddleball. They even have a grapple attack with the fishing rod. They may take damage easily but they can easily overwhelm their opponent.
Typically, a Tank class is a slower class that relies on heavy damage to balance out. In Wonder Woman’s case, she’s a Tank who has the speed and agility of an Assassin class character.
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Wonder Woman also has a grapple ability with her Lasso Of Truth, allowing her to pull her enemies towards her and instantly follow up with melee attacks. Finally, she can provide a shield to herself and her ally, so she is quite a nuisance to her opponents.
Not only does Harley Quinn have her trusty baseball bat, but she also has her mallet, and boxing glove gun. She is an all-out Assassin class, allowing her to deal a lot of damage to her opponents.
She can take damage a bit easier than others but what makes her a problem for players is that her boxing glove attack also acts as a dash. She can save herself from a ring out with ease as well as provide mid-air traps that can knock her opponent out of the ring if she places it just right.
Since he is the Tasmanian Devil, one of the few Looney Tunes to get a spin-off, Taz relies on faster attacks which combined with his tornado ability, can stack damage faster than most characters.
Taz is also one of the few characters that can heal themselves. If he stacks enough attacks, his opponent turns into food and the more he attacks them in that temporary state, the more he heals. It can lead to Taz dominating the arena, especially if he has a skilled partner.
Velma’s mixture of fast-paced melee attacks and her ranged abilities that can damage enemies as well as heal allies makes her already a force to be reckoned with.
That’s not all, however. Velma also has a charging dash ability that can get her across the arena in seconds as well as deal extra damage. She has another ranged attack for her neutral special that can hit an enemy from any range.
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Melody MacReady is a writer and transwoman (she/her), passionate about all things pop culture-related. From movies to shows to games to comic books, there is not much that she does not enjoy or appreciate. Melody is also an aspiring film writer and director as well as a voice actor as a hobby. This spark for content creation came from her childhood, growing up with media of all kinds which inspired her to write short stories, write comics, and begin writing about them on the internet. Melody’s biggest inspiration came from first seeing Zack Snyder’s Watchmen in 2009; the film combined with her knowledge of how scenes were done via behind-the-scenes featurettes prior to the film’s release made her fall in love with filmmaking. Not only does she write for ScreenRant, The Gamer, Comic Book Resources, and GameRant but she runs her own personal blog, discussing many things pop culture-related.


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