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With the future of Marvel’s Avengers being uncertain, Crystal Dynamics should aim to deliver one massive update in an attempt to revive the game.
Marvel’s Avengers fans currently have no idea what to expect from the game beyond Jane Foster’s Thor. While there were many promising leaks for Marvel’s Avengers that suggested heroes like Captain Marvel were on the way, the game’s near-endless struggling and Embracer’s recent acquisition of Crystal Dynamics leaves its fate up in the air.
While Marvel’s Avengers has improved significantly since launch, it still has a long way to go, as more boss variety and fresh missions are desperately needed. Considering that Embracer needs approval from Disney to keep supporting Marvel’s Avengers, all the leaked content for the games-as-a-service title may never come to fruition. However, if the game can secure some more support, then Crystal Dynamics should do something drastic to win players back.
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Marvel’s Avengers’ current approach to DLC has seen a new hero and Operation added once every several months, leaving players with little to do in between these content drops. While some events like Red Room Takeover have been dropped, as well as the occasional mission like the Cosmic Cube Villain Sector, only the Operations have resulted in large groups of players flocking to the game. With nine months having passed since War for Wakanda, fans are desperate for some meaningful news.
Clearly, Marvel’s Avengers’ DLC plan has not worked out, as significant content drops are few and far between. The return of Nick Fury and War Table updates are not enough to get players to log back in, and repetitive missions and boss fights are not helping matters. The game has essentially gone dark since Spider-Man was released for PlayStation users, with cosmetics being the majority of new content added. For people to start talking about Marvel’s Avengers again, something major needs to happen.
While a Thor: Love and Thunder tie-in via Jane Foster is a solid idea, it will likely not be enough to revive the game. Instead, Crystal Dynamics should drop all the content it has been working on at once, delivering one giant update to get players talking again. Everything from the rumored heroes like She-Hulk and Winter Soldier to new boss fights like the leaked MODOK battle should drop together, with the long-awaited Patrol mode coming to the game as well. If Crystal Dynamics makes an update that is too interesting for lapsed players to resist, the game could have some fight left in it.
It would be great to see the various Ultron teasers lead to something as well, with a new raid being a good way to excite the dedicated players that have stuck by the game. At best, one massive content drop where the game is firing on all cylinders would revive the game, with players able to look forward to new content in the future. At worst, dropping everything from Captain Marvel to She-Hulk in a major patch would serve as a good finale for Marvel’s Avengers, letting it go out on a positive note after years of controversy and negativity.
Obviously, fans should expect disappointment, as there is no guarantee that any of the once-expected content will be released after Jane Foster. Not only has the game’s developer come under new ownership, but the back half of 2022 is shaping up to be tough for Marvel’s Avengers, as Gotham Knights is right around the corner. With Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League set to drop next year, Marvel’s Avengers desperately needs to make a statement and change the narrative around itself. A huge update where Crystal Dynamics releases everything it has supposedly been working on may be the game’s best chance at this point, as a slow but steady recovery no longer seems viable.
Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
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