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MMORPGs are notorious for having steep learning curves, and Lost Ark is no different. Avoid these mistakes and stay ahead of the game!
Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMORPGs in South Korea, and after its North American release on February 11, 2022, it has become a firm competitor of World of Warcraft. This success is thanks to the creative takes on old classes, innovative use of the Diablo-esque camera and controls, and accessibility to new players.
But despite this accessibility, the game doesn’t make a great effort to hold new players’ hands as they learn more about the world of Arkesia. There are many pitfalls and mistakes that new players can fall into if they aren’t careful, but most of these are very easy to avoid for those who take a little time to do their research.
Many video games today make use of a daily task system in order to maintain a player base and keep players happy with new rewards and a variety of missions to keep the game fresh. Lost Ark‘s daily tasks are very important for the rewards they provide to players who consistently log in and play.
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“Una’s Tasks” are the daily missions that players can finish for rewards in Lost Ark, and these rewards are extremely beneficial – but many new players ignore these. These tasks give roster experience, reputation points, battle experience, and a unique reward based on the task itself.
“Roster experience” is a critically important facet of why new players should keep up with their dailies, but also what they shouldn’t just tunnel-vision on one character. While most players want to reach max-level for their character as quickly as possible, having alts provides players with many benefits.
Roster level is essentially the player’s account level, providing benefits to all of an account’s characters. These benefits include resources, currencies, and even stat improvements for all of that account’s characters, meaning that whether a person plays only their main or has multiple alts, their characters will become stronger.
Around level 25, each character gains access to a personal stronghold – sometimes also called an estate. This serves as the player’s house and base of operations for many different facets of the game. While many players will skip past the benefits this stronghold provides, this would be a big mistake.
Using the stronghold lab, players can unlock dozens of items and tools that will become critical for endgame content. Players can personalize their manor for unique buffs, unlock the training camp for passively leveling alts, and unlock a workshop that will aid in crafting endgame items
Every class in Lost Ark has its own unique abilities and powers. These abilities and powers will scale with different character statistics based on the class, the abilities, and other factors. Because of this, players will want to spend the time to read and research what the most important stats are for their class.
Towards the endgame, players will start to use their materials and resources for engravings, which will further improve certain stats provided by their equipment. Considering how much time it can take to build up these materials and resources, new players should consider their direction carefully when investing in their stats.
Similar to investing in the wrong statistics, it can be very easy to mistakenly waste materials on the wrong stats, unwieldy equipment, or items that will quickly become outclassed by other pieces. Wasting materials is particularly detrimental to new players because it will set up their late-game experience for a struggle.
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Materials like Star’s Breath are only provided via login rewards, roster level milestones, and other methods that are either unrepeatable or time-gated. While being too miserly with these materials will cause a player to flounder behind others, wasting them on the wrong upgrades or investments is just as much a mistake.
The Auction House is a standby of MMORPGs and is often the foundation of a game’s economy. New players often have little reason to interact with it while leveling, since so much early game equipment will have no real use or value in the auction house. But when starting, it is easy to make mistakes.
The Auction House requires Pheons, a unique currency that comes from login rewards, for players to buy and sell items. This keeps the auction house from becoming too spammy, but also means players should consider their purchases and sales very carefully. Players should also avoid buying items for too much and selling items for too little.
Item level often decides different aspects of the game, including daily rewards and other quest earnings. However, players shouldn’t just accept using the highest level item they have. Item level is something that will come naturally later on, as players use materials to upgrade and engrave their equipment.
The main reason not to overprioritize item level is that each in-game character and class will have specific stat combinations that will benefit them far more than others. Some classes will want more crit rate, while others will prefer raw damage numbers, for instance. A little bit of research can provide a much more smooth experience to players.
A ‘meta’ in video gaming refers to either the standard strategies for games or the most powerful classes and builds. In Lost Ark, the meta is often changing thanks to updates and new content, but it isn’t uncommon to start playing a class only to discover it is looked down upon as a non-meta class.
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To begin with, following the meta too closely will close the player off to what might be their preferred experience – perhaps they joined when mages are ‘off-meta’ when they enjoy the experience of big flashy spells. New players should take their time and enjoy the game the way they want, and have faith that every class will eventually be meta.
This is a corollary to following the meta too closely, but it can be very detrimental to new player experience to do what everyone else does, or play as they are told. As an MMORPG, there are many ways to experience and play the game, from enjoying the story to charging into player-versus-player content.
The best way to get into a game like Lost Ark is to take one’s time in order to see the many ways the game provides an experience. While many will laugh at the idea of playing an MMORPG for the story, Lost Ark does have a sprawling cast of characters with depth and humanity.
Many MMORPGs fall into a so-called ‘pay-to-win’ pitfall. These games need money to stay afloat and provide players with different ways to skip time gates or guarantee powerful items by buying them with premium currencies and real-world money. Many feel this means players can pay money in order to win.
None of the currencies or items that can be bought in Lost Ark are un-earnable through playing the game itself. This means that though players can pay to skip past some longer time-gated improvements, a dedicated player who enjoys the game can get just as far through the game without paying a dime.
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