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The Legend of Zelda’s Link is now playable in MultiVersus, putting a new notch in his 2D fighting game belt thanks to a playable fan mod.
Legend of Zelda fan created a mod to play as Link in MultiVersus. Link has been a fan favorite amongst both adventure games and fighting games fans for many years. From all of his appearances in the Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. titles, Link has built a reputation for being a formidable fighter.
If Link wasn’t already a long-standing member of Smash Bros, his making an appearance within MultiVersus may have felt quite possible. With the official MultiVersus roster containing Arya Stark, Steven Universe, The Iron Giant, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Rick Sanchez, and LeBron James, it feels like just about anyone from anything can be in it. One thing that sets MultiVersus apart from Smash Bros is that each character falls into a fighter category. These categories, thus far, are Tank, Bruiser, Support, Assassin, and Mage/Ranged. Each of these categories gives the player a clear idea of the characters stats and move sets. More characters are yet to be revealed as MultiVersus continues to develop and update.
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Twitter user junior3DM created a playable mod of Link for MultiVersus. At the time of writing, the mod is still in alpha, but from the video posted it’s clear to see a competently built Link model battling against the likes of Batman and Harley Quinn. Link is classified as a Tank type fighter, just like Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Iron Giant. Sporting a move set similar to his Smash one, this Link comes equipped with sword attacks and tools such as his grappling hook. As the mod is in alpha, and MultiVersus itself will be going into open beta next week, there are likely more changes to come in the future.
Based on Link’s move set and weapons, it looks like players who are used to playing as Link in Smash Bros could easily adapt to this MultiVersus version of Link. Just from watching the gameplay, Link’s movements and attacks feel very familiar to how they are in Smash. Going straight from Smash to MultiVersus could be an easy transition, bringing the player’s skills from one fighting game to another to see how they compare.
Players who would like to try the Link mod for themselves may find a download link within the original tweet. Adding this touch of Legend of Zelda may be just what some fans were wishing for. MultiVersus will be going into open beta on July 26th, with early access live now.
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Source: junior3DM/Twitter
Devin Connelly is a gaming news writer for Screen Rant. She is also a concept artist, creative director, and lead writer for her own game “Romance is Dead”. Based in Los Angeles with her cat Briley, she has been writing, drawing, and playing video games for as long as she can remember. She also loves to cook and talk about history.


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