League of Legends Pride Icons Show Graves & Twisted Fate As A Couple – Screen Rant

League of Legends icons and emotes for Pride Month 2022 confirm that the complex relationship between Graves and Twisted Fate is romantic in nature.
For Pride Month 2022, League of Legends will release new icons and emotes which portray Graves and Twisted Fate as a couple. Riot Games’ multiplayer online battle arena is known for its frequent updates, which let fans celebrate real-world holidays and events within the world of Runeterra. For Pride Month 2021 a League of Legends Pride love story revealed a romance between characters Diana and Leona, and it appears that Graves and Twisted Fate are the game’s next adoring couple.
League of Legends features a massive roster of over 140 playable champions, and each character possesses their own unique backstory and relationships. Some champions are known to be sworn rivals, while others are close allies in the MOBA’s established lore. For Pride Month 2021, Riot Games released a League of Legends short story revealing a romance between Diana, Scorn of the Moon and Leona, the Radiant Dawn. The contrast between the two characters made the story a surprising and incredibly touching way to honor Pride Month, and since last year fans have wondered whether another League of Legends Pride couple would be revealed in 2022.
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As revealed by Redditor niclaswwe, upcoming League of Legends cosmetics for Pride Month 2022 confirm that Graves and Twisted Fate are in a relationship. The backstories of both seedy criminal characters are tied together closely, with the duo sharing a troubled partnership that was shattered before the two eventually reconciled. The close-knit lore surrounding Graves and Twisted Fate has led some fans to assume romantic ties between the two swindlers, and new League of Legends icons and emotes confirm that the partnership is more than just business. The cosmetic items will presumably become available during Pride Month 2022 in June.
League of Legends is a live-service MOBA, so the game’s lore is constantly expanding with each new update or event. A new LoL champion named Gwen, for example, was recently announced in a lore teaser trailer titled Made with Love. The trailer reveals that Gwen is a doll crafted by Ruined King Viego’s wife Isolde, subverting fan expectations that Isolde herself would be a playable champion. The magical doll is hinted to contain Isolde’s soul, or at least a fraction of it, which will surely lead to fascinating interactions with Viego and League of Legends’ other champions.
In celebration of Pride Month 2022, League of Legends has confirmed long-running rumors about the nature of Graves and Twisted Fate’s relationship. The two morally corrupt champions have a complex partnership, as detailed in the game’s extensive lore, and now romance has become another facet of their explosive dynamic. While the new icons and emotes have not been officially revealed, League of Legends fans can look forward to the 2022 Pride Month celebration kicking off in June.
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League of Legends is available on PC.
Source: niclaswwe/Reddit
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