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Another GTA Online weekly update has been released by Rockstar Games, allowing players a chance to get cars from two splendid manufacturers, Dewbauchee and Overflod, at special discount rates.
GTA Online provides users a way to get some amazing rides at discounted rates every week through these updates. This week, they can acquire a brand new Overflod Tyrant at a discount rate of 30% from Legendary Motorsports.
However, with a wide variety of vehicles available in the game in 2022, gamers could question if it’s worth buying.
Released on May 8, 2018, during the Business Week event, the Overflod Tyrant is a 2-door super car featured in GTA Online. It is primarily based on the real-life Apollo Arrow.
The front bumper is quite similar to the Taipans and resembles the real-life 2017 Ford GT. The back end of the vehicle is unambiguously aerodynamic and features carbon-fiber separations.
The Tyrant is the largest super car in the game. It has a massive body structure, even bigger than the X80 Proto and the Taipan. A distinct feature of this ride is that the spoiler uprights have no wings attached to them.
It comes with a primary color applied to its body, a secondary color to its suspension springs, and interior stitching. The interior has the same dials and textures as the FMJ.
When it comes to performance, the ride has a similar straight-line performance to that of the Entity XXR and Taipan, cars featured in the same Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series DLC. Its engine sound resembles that of the one found on the Cheetah car in the game.
The Overflod Tyrant is currently available at a 30% discount. Users can purchase it from the Legendary Motorsport website for $1,760,500 in GTA Online.
As described on the website:
The Overflod Tyrant serves some ravishing looks in terms of styling and is one of the fastest cars in the game. Even though it resembles the performance of the Entity XXR and Taipan cars, it has excellent handling and is very stable, unlike those two.
However, the vehicle also has minor cons. Owing to its gigantic body structure, the Tyrant cannot squeeze through narrow areas easily. This can be a hindrance if players want to roam around every street of Los Santos with it.
Overall, the vehicle is recommended for racing or high-speed chase sequences in GTA Online.
Note: The article is based on the writer’s own opinion.

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