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Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile. All versions have their strengths and weaknesses, but one emerges as an obvious winner.
Genshin Impact is available to play on many platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5, and mobile, but one version of the game stands out over others. platforms have their pros and cons, whether that be graphics, performance, or even online security. Different platforms also suit different players’ gaming playstyle and whether they are more active or more casual players.
Genshin Impact‘s availability across multiple platforms allows for a large player base to enjoy it. People who do not own a powerful PC but can still enjoy mobile gaming will have a chance to experience the game and vice versa. Console owners will be catered for if they own a PS4 or PS5, while PC players should find it easy to install Genshin Impact if they’re interested.
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While all the different versions of Genshin Impact provide a similar experience, there are certain differences between platforms. The PC version of the game boasts unique benefits in that it’s easier to create domains than on console, while Genshin Impact‘s PS5 version benefits from smooth performance and better security from hackers. Mobile, meanwhile, may be better for the Genshin Impact fan on the go. Which version is best will ultimately come down to player preference, but for those most serious about Genshin Impact, one platform provides the best experience.
Genshin Impact on PC is probably the simplest method. PC has the fastest loading times with the most convenient gameplay. Controls are fully customizable, and a standard keyboard and mouse combination can fulfill all of the players’ needs. An external console controller can also change the experience, but eyboard hotkeys are the quickest ways to access different menus. Many content creators or streamers also use PC as their choice of platform for Genshin Impact.
Features such as placing items in the Serenitea Pot or creating Genshin Impact domains are also much easier to perform on PC than on console. The menu can quickly be accessed using the ESC button or a hotkey. Despite needing major improvements, co-op play on PC is also still the easiest to utilize. PC provides the perfect balance for both hardcore and casual players because games can easily executed on a PC.
A major issue with PC that is not seen on PlayStation or mobile, however, is account security. Over a year ago, thousands of accounts were hacked and only a fraction of those account owners managed to retrieve back their account. There was also apprehension amongst the fandom as they speculated that HoYoverse seemed to prioritize accounts that spent money and ignored accounts that had no purchase history. It took a long time until HoYoverse finally improved Genshin Impact security with two-factor authorization. The number of hacked accounts has dwindled since then but has never completely disappeared.
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At the same time, many PC players were wrongly accused of using external programs to glitch or exploit the game, leading to their accounts being banned for at least a week. A week doesn’t seem bad, but with so many rewards and events depending on daily log-ins, it can be detrimental to players’ enjoyment. Bots are the easiest to use on PC and because of that, many antiviral programs accidentally stop the application of Genshin Impact completely, regardless of whether a bot was present or not.
Genshin Impact on PlayStation 5 boasts quality graphics and smooth gameplay. It also has the best security and the most memory. The PS5 version of the game boasts a smooth frame rate and performance, even exceeding that of the PC version at times. In comparison to both PC and mobile, PS5 gameplay was the smoothest. Genshin Impact on the PS5 includes 4K Visuals, which means even the minute details like a blade of grass is enhanced.
In-game achievements work the same on PlayStation 5 as they do on PC. Unfortunately, trophies work differently and many players had a problem with syncing their achievements with PlayStation trophies. The highly anticipated cross-play function was introduced Summer 2021, and that gave players so much freedom to enjoy Genshin Impact. They were able to transfer save data and game progression across all platforms under one HoYoverse account.
However, in a later update, cross-play was removed for Battle Pass rewards. If Genshin Impact‘s Battle Pass was purchased through PlayStation Network, then players cannot claim Battle Pass rewards on other platforms. This means that players must exclusively stick to playing Genshin Impact on PlayStation. PC and mobile players do not have this problem, and the freedom to easily switch between PC and mobile is a big plus. Genshin Impact is worse on PlayStation because of this restriction.
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Additionally, what PC and mobile have that PlayStation lacks are Genshin Impact web events. Web events are easily accessed with PC and mobile players. PlayStation users were unable to participate in certain web events and thus, missed out on all the rewards. Rewards were instantly sent to the associated Genshin Impact account, but because PSN accounts worked differently, the web events and rewards were unavailable.
The best thing about playing Genshin Impact on mobile is of course the mobility/portability. If someone wants to complete their daily tasks but does not have the time to sit down at a PC or console, then mobile is the way to go. A simple log-in to claim daily event rewards is also convenient with a mobile device. Playing Genshin Impact on mobile is an option for players who want do some quick pulls in the gacha system. Despite Genshin Impact‘s low gacha pull rates, HoYoverse makes millions of profit on the mobile apps alone.
A large number of Genshin Impact players are mobile players. Genshin Impact won best mobile game in 2021, which means that a lot of the content in Genshin Impact accommodates more casual mobile players than dedicated gamers on PC or console. The Resin system is a prime example of this, as it emulates a system that most other mobile games have in which a required amount of real-life time is needed to gain some sort of consumable currency. In this case, it’s Resin, and Resin is required to reap the rewards after successfully completing a domain or defeating a boss.
The biggest drawback about mobile devices is their low memory. They do not have the means to connect with external storage. Temporary event maps such as the Golden Apple Archipelago and Genshin Impact‘s Three Realms Gateway Offering Event were victims of this. The former was regarded as one the best events in Genshin Impact, and many players were disappointed that it was only temporary. This was because keeping these exclusive events maps was too overwhelming to mobile devices’ poor memory storage.
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The gameplay interface itself is another major issue. Simple tasks such as aiming, sprinting, and auto-attacking are much more difficult to perform on mobile, while maps themselves can be a challenge to navigate. HoYoverse tries to optimize mobile controls every patch, but the limits of Genshin Impact being run on a mobile device are apparent. Smaller screens allow for less immersive gameplay, and fingers on the screen just aren’t ideal for gaming. Consider playing Genshin Impact on mobile with a controller in order to get a better experience.
Out of all platforms Genshin Impact is available on, PC is definitely the best, as it provides the most customizable method of gaming and is the least limited. Despite the PlayStation 5’s powerful gaming performance, it doesn’t provide as much freedom as the PC version. Mobile is the second-best choice, but it provides a limited Genshim Impact experience.
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