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Protect the Hypercore and finish off waves of enemies in various levels to unlock customization character models in Hypercharge: Unboxed.
P.R.I.M.A.L. is an unlockable action figure model in the wave-based shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed. This indie-developed game features solo or co-op play, where players are action figures that need to protect the Hypercore from waves of enemy toys. There are many maps in Hypercharge: Unboxed, and in each map there are secrets and achievements that will give the player unlockable skins for their character.
Hypercharge: Unboxed is what happens when developers cross first- and third-person style shooters with the 1998 film Small Soldiers; a timewarp back to playing with toys as a kid. Players are action figures that fight in familiar environments like bedrooms, garages, backyards, toy shops, and more. Anywhere toys are found could be a map for this game.
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P.R.I.M.A.L. is one of the unlockable character models in Hypercharge: Unboxed. Once collected, players can change their character skins from the customization screen on the main menu. In addition to changing how the head, body, and style of characters look, players can also customize weapon skins. There are gun skins and turret skins to make the gameplay more customizable and personalized for the player, very similar to skin customization in Fornite.
The P.R.I.M.A.L. action figures in Hypercharge: Unboxed are various dinosaurs. The body type can be customized as well once players unlock different heads and styles. The P.R.I.M.A.L. action figure base character model is unlocked once players earn a gold rank in the Toy Palace level. The Toy Palace is a big toy store that looks similar to the tutorial level. Players have to protect the Hypercore in the center of the map and protect it from invading waves of toy soldiers and robots.
To earn a gold rank in Hypercharge: Unboxed levels, players need to complete the map with all Hypercores intact with any % hp. Hypercores can easily be knocked out by enemy waves, and in the Toy Palace, the enemies run at a much faster pace than in the tutorial. Hypercores can be protected with battery-powered shields, but batteries become depleted over time and can be knocked out by exploding enemies. Players must navigate the obstacles, defeat the waves of enemies, and keep an eye on the batteries powering the Hypercore’s shield in order to successfully beat the level with a gold rank. Once players finish the map with a gold or higher for the first time, they will unlock the P.R.I.M.A.L. character model skin that they can use to customize their characters.
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Hypercharge: Unboxed is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.
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