How To Set Up a Switch Pro Controller on PC For MultiVersus – Screen Rant

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is excellent for MultiVersus. To set it up, enable the Nintendo control option in the Steam settings tab.
Settings up MultiVersus to use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is relatively easy to set up. While the game is only in its Closed Alpha phase, there are still tons of customization options. This 2D platform fighter brings together iconic characters from various Warner Brother properties. This includes characters like Shaggy, Superman, Wonder Woman, Tom and Jerry, and others joining when the final product releases, like Iron Giant. Since this is a fighting game, it’s essential to have complete and total control of your character. Using a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is an excellent replacement for those without a gamepad.
MultiVersus features tons of different accessibility options outside of being able to change your controls. It’s possible to change the location of the damage number, certain character colors, and how sound effects play out during a match. There’s even a box allowing certain characters to use mature language if available to them. Since MultiVersus is available on Steam, it can pretty much use any controller known to man, as long as it has a USB. Although, it will need to be activated first.
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To set up a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with MultiVersus, connect it to your PC using a USB-C and open up Steam. Next, head to the top-right to the settings tab. Choose the “Controller” option and select the General Controller Settings. There will be a long list of controller options from tons of big names in the gaming space, from Xbox to PlayStation. Now, make sure to check the box next to “Switch Pro Configuration Support” to get started. This means the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will now work with other Steam games, including MultiVersus.
After getting the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to connect, players can customize their controls within MultiVersus. First, boot up the game and head over to the settings and controls tab. Here, players can assign whatever button they would like to make whichever attack. If the player continues to scroll down, they’ll find many other options controlling the character’s movement.
Here, players can turn on tap jump, fast-falling, and the ability to fall through a platform by crouching. There are also two default controller options to choose from, automatically inputting every button without any additional help. Ultimately, what the player decides for their build is up to them. Since the Nintendo Switch is the home of Super Smash Bros, the clear inspiration for MultiVersus, it might be the most comfortable controller to use for some.
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MultiVersus is available in 2022.
Sky Flores is a writer and game player based out of New York City. His hobbies consist of creating content on YouTube and streaming video games on Twitch. His online alias is @SkywardWing.


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