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Fans of the new survival MMORPG, V Rising, should repair their equipment whenever its durability is low, or risk breaking it at inopportune times.
V Rising is a top-down massive multiplayer online roleplaying game in which players take on the role of vampires as they battle to survive and rule the land. After players awake from a centuries-old slumber, they must regain their strength as they attempt to survive the harsh world that now awaits them. As players feed and convert humans to their service while rebuilding their castle, they will be met with many potential allies and deadly enemies when meeting NPCs and other players out in the open world of V Rising.
This MMORPG delivers a very prominent survival aspect that will require players to constantly be on the lookout for valuable components during their travels. Although many of their efforts will go towards rebuilding their castle, players will also need to craft and maintain their equipment. Repairing gear before it gets too damaged can be very important, as having it break in the middle of a fight can be the difference between life and death.
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Crafting equipment is extremely important in V Rising, as it will often provide the best possible gear that a character can obtain at a given level. As players gain new abilities in V Rising and defeat horrifying enemies, they will start gathering rare blueprints, allowing them to add new constructions to their castle and new items to their arsenal. Maintaining gear is usually cheaper than crafting it, which is why it is important to keep a close eye on its durability to keep it from breaking.
Repairing gear in V Rising is thankfully a very simple and straightforward process. Whenever a piece of equipment is severely damaged, a yellow indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen over the character’s health pool. This indicator will represent what piece of equipment is damaged. Therefore, if the indicator shows a pair of yellow boots, it means that the character’s footwear is severely damaged. To be successful in the survival game that is V Rising, players must take care not to be caught out in the open with broken equipment, as it can quickly turn deadly.
After identifying the piece in need of repair, players must then click Tab to open up their inventory and hover the cursor over that equipment. Assuming they have enough materials, they must click the middle mouse button on the item to repair it. As players hover over the item, they will see at the bottom of the pop-up window its remaining durability, and what materials, and how many, are needed to repair it.
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V Rising is available on PC.
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