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How to Install HappyMod on Android – Tech Guide

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Recently, given the lack of workable jailbreaks, lots more third-party app installers have been released, and most have been for iOS users.
However, there have been some Android alternatives, too, and one of the very best is called HappyMod. The app store offers more than 30,000 games, and apps, all unlocked and with new features.
Downloading HappyMod on Android:
HappyMod is pretty simple to download, but you do need to install the file onto your Android device manually. Here’s how to do it:
HappyMod App Features:
HappyMod offers Android users a comprehensive set of features, including:
How Does HappyMod Work?
HappyMod really isn’t all that different from the Play Store. It may not offer the same amount of apps and games, but it indeed focuses on quality and on modified apps that Google won’t allow into their store. Every app or game is modified, and it offers several versions of some apps, each offering a different modification.  But that’s not all:
Updating HappyMod:
All apps need to be updated, whether they are official or unofficial. The updates are released to add content, make improvements, fix bugs, improve security and performance, and improve your user experience. When an app you download via HappyMod requires updating, the HappyMod developers let you know via a notification and give you full instructions on how to download the update and apply it.
Sometimes, the developers may even release an update to the HappyMod store, but, unlike the official store, you don’t have to install these. The official store will not work unless you install updates, but HappyMod gives you a choice. So, unless the update is to fix a bug or increase security, you can ignore it.
However, you should bear in mind that failure to install updates may mean your version of the store is not safe, and the developers will not take any responsibility for this, mainly if the update contains security updates,
HappyMod is one of the most comprehensive of all the alternatives to the Android app store. It offers everything the official store doesn’t – modified apps, unofficial games, and much more. Once again, we must stress that you are downloading and using the app at your own risk as it is classed as a pirate store and isn’t entirely legal.
Try HappyMod on your Android device today. It’s completely free, you do not need to root your device, and it may just offer everything you have been looking for in an alternative app store.
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