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Cloud Forest is one of four locations that are accessible in the Forest Falls area of the Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels expansion, near Hyrda Gorge.
Cloud Forest is one of the newly accessible locations in Forza Horizon 5 as part of the Hot Wheels expansion. The Hot Wheels expansion DLC is something that all players need to purchase if they want to access the Cloud Forest and the other locations of Forest Falls. This DLC is sold separately from the game, so Game Pass members will not have access to it until they buy it. In addition to Cloud Forest, drivers can also reach other locations in Forest Falls, such as Hydra Gorge, Hydra’s Revenge, and the Forgotten Gorge. While Forest Falls has these four locations available, it is only one of three new biomes added with the Hot Wheels expansion.
Before players can reach Cloud Forest in the Hot Wheels expansion, they’ll have to travel to Forest Falls in Forza Horizon 5. After installing the DLC, an icon on the map will appear showing where players need to drive. Upon reaching the icon, a cutscene will begin that directs players up a ramp leading to the Hot Wheels Park.
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Drivers will retain control of their vehicle during the cutscene, but they will not be able to deviate from the track until the expansion’s tutorial finishes. When full-control returns to players, drivers can reach Forest Falls by driving up the north track branching out from The Nexus. Alternatively, Cloud Forest is accessible by taking the track north of Ice Cauldron.
To reach Cloud Forest, drivers need to head to the southwest portion of the Forest Falls map, specifically west of Hydra Gorge. The Hydra Gorge, Hyrda’s Revenge, and Forgotten Gorge locations in the Forza Horizon 5 expansion are accessible in Forest Falls by heading to the center-, northern-, and eastern-most parts of the map, respectively. Cloud Forest is a relatively large portion of the map that is hard to miss by driving west as long as players head west from the base of the Hydra Gorge waterfall.
There are several activities spread throughout Cloud Forest, and they can be time-consuming to reach. Fortunately, those who have purchased the Buenas Vistas house earlier in the game can fast travel to any point on the map, even if it isn’t a specified location. Normally, fast traveling to any location on the map would cost players 10,000 credits, but those who have destroyed all 50 Forza Horizon 5 fast travel boards in the base game will still have access to the price reduction in the Hot Wheels expansion. With all 50 boards destroyed, players can fast travel to any location in Forest Falls for free.
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Forza Horizon 5 is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S
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