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The Pitt is returning to Fallout 76 as an expedition in September, and it’s safe to say it’s borrowed a lot of elements from Fallout 3’s DLC.
Fallout 76 is bringing back an iconic DLC expansion known as The Pitt later this year, which was first seen in Fallout 3, and players are already asking how these two will compare. The expedition is following the Fallout 76 2022 roadmap revealed at the beginning of this year. More recently, however, the game’s community got a sneak peek during the Summer Game Fest of what’s coming later in September.
Bethesda debuted a trailer for Expeditions: The Pitt at the Xbox summer showcase on June 12. The trailer revealed gameplay, confirmed the location, and even gave specific details about the expeditions’ questline. Unlike the paid DLC in Fallout 3 though, Expeditions: The Pitt will act as a free expansion for players to experience in Fallout 76. However, it will also be limited to a seasonal fall period, just as the Invaders From Beyond update was and the recently released Fallout 76Test Your Metal update will. Since this is returning from a previous Fallout game, it’s going to have similarities for those who’ve played the original DLC expansion that was first released back in 2010, but it’s also bringing in some new elements to the mix too.
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Expeditions: The Pitt will feel more like a simple revamp for long-running Fallout veterans rather than a total reinvent-the-wheel scenario. Most of the elements being brought over to Fallout 76 were first seen in the previous game 12 years ago, meaning that it’s likely going to feel familiar for longtime Fallout players. In some form or fashion, Fallout 3‘s The Pitt DLC is just being updated with graphics and mechanics in the future 76 update, although there will of course be brand-new content as well.
The most obvious similarity between The Pitt in both Fallout games is the setting and location. Just as players traveled to postapocalyptic Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in the 2010 DLC for Fallout 3, they’re heading back there in September, leaving Appalachia behind. It’s not just the location that’s being transplanted either, as the environmental setting is almost identical, with a radioactively distraught city littered with factories and complete faction anarchy. That’s where the player protagonist in Fallout 76 comes into the story, as a radio signal is sent out to Appalachia for help with a fanatic gang that’s taken over The Pitt. Hopefully, Fallout 76‘s take doesn’t ruin the lore that was first built in Fallout 3, because it was one of that game’s best DLCs.
Although the concept and overall theme of Expeditions: The Pitt is practically identical to its predecessor, there will undoubtedly be some changes, such as weapons, armor, characters, and other rewards. In the Fallout 3 DLC, players started with a fresh inventory at the beginning, but Fallout 76 is unlikely to take that route because it’s made for an online experience and earning gear that carries over to different scenarios. Taking everything into consideration, both the returning and new elements of Fallout 76‘s Expedition: The Pitt, veteran players will find it familiar, while newer players to the franchise will have a fresher experience.
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Preston Pearl is a contributing author based out of the US. He’s a part of the Game Features team on Screen Rant. While being a Secondary English education major at Kentucky State University and educator in Frankfort, KY; he also spends time reading history, gaming, weight lifting, and – most importantly – enjoying time with friends and family.


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