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An interesting Genshin Impact video shows a funny interaction between the new character Yelan and the most popular NPC in the game, Paimon.
Genshin Impact features a vast roster of playable characters which keeps expanding with each new update. The ongoing Version 2.7 has already added a brand new five-star character, the mysterious Hydro bow user Yelan.
With the addition of new characters and regions, players often find a way to 'break the game' by searching for various glitches. An interesting post on the official Genshin Impact subreddit shows a hilarious glitch featuring the new character Yelan.
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Reddit user LightsaberNoise has shared a funny interaction between Yelan and the game's fan-favorite NPC Paimon. The NPC accompanies the main character throughout all of his adventures in the game, while also serving as the mascot. Paimon also appears on the screen whenever players decide to enter the in-game menu. Yelan's Elemental Skill allows her to engage in swift movement marking opponents which explode at the end of her run. The video shows that if players enter the menu after activating her skill, Yelan will carry Paimon for the duration of her run.
New characters often have unusual interactions like this one and the Reddit thread has already gathered over 13.5k upvotes. Fans claim that the funniest thing about the whole interaction is the way Yelan smacks Paimon at the end of her run. Yelan is one of the five-star characters that are currently obtainable on the Discerner Of Enigmas banner which is scheduled to end on June 21.
Yelan's greatest strength is probably the potential to deal off-field damage while providing constant Hydro application. Prior to her official release, a big part of the community gave her the name 'five-star Xingqiu' due to the similarities between the two Genshin Impact characters. However, since she officially joined the live servers, Yelan has proven that she's worthy of her five-star rarity, and it's safe to say that she has one of the most special kits and play styles in all of Genshin Impact.
Unlike most damage dealers in the game, Yelan's damage output scales with Health. This makes her a strong character considering that players need to focus mostly on her HP, Crit stats and Energy Recharge. Thanks to the HP scaling, players can even equip her with a weaker four-star weapon. Despite having the potential to deal tons of damage, Yelan is probably best fit for the sub-DPS role, rather than being the main damage dealer. Yelan is not the only five-star character to appear on this banner cycle as she's joined with the five-star Anemo character Xiao.
Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is currently in development with no confirmed release date.
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