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A fan recreated the classic level in GTA.
The classic Mario Kart track, Rainbow Road, has been recreated in GTA Online – and it’s proven just as tough to master as in the Nintendo series. This recreation of the somewhat notorious track is the latest fan-created content using GTA Online‘s Stunt Race Creator, which has seen players making increasingly outlandish stunt tracks since the feature was made available following the Cunning Stunts update in 2017.
Mario Kart‘s infamous Rainbow Road is known for being one of the hardest tracks to complete in the series, and often appears as the final course of the Special Cup across Mario Kart games. The space-themed track’s difficulty stems from its wavy terrain, tight 90-degree turns, steep slopes, and lack of rails which lead to players often falling off the edges of the track. Despite its difficulty, the track is also often considered to be one of the best in the series, and regularly claims the top spot when ranking Mario Kart levels due to its distinct and impressive visuals and its music. Due to its popularity, Mario Kart‘s Rainbow Road has been recreated in other games, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
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Redditor iosgamer2day (via Game Rant) has used GTA Online‘s Stunt Race Creator to recreate the iconic Mario Kart level, which is called “N64 Rainbow Road,” and is available for all players via Rockstar’s Social Club. Unlike the original, family-friendly Mario Kart track, iosgamer2day’s recreation has a somewhat more lethal twist that sees players explode as they fall off the track, which feels a bit more in keeping with its GTA setting. Unfortunately, the track has been made so players can’t attack each other, which is a departure from both Mario Kart‘s rage-inducing blue shells and GTA Online‘s general combat, which can allow players to throw sticky bombs or grenades at others in races to get a competitive advantage.
Whilst GTA players can enjoy the nostalgia that comes with iosgamer2day’s Rainbow Road recreation, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe players have 48 tracks recreated from prior games in the series to look forward to over the course of the coming year. These tracks come as part of the official Booster Course Pass DLC that will see Nintendo releasing these maps in six waves between March 2022 and the end of 2023. The first wave included eight tracks spanning a variety of games such as Mario Kart 64Mario Kart Tour, and Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and although maps for the remaining five waves haven’t been officially confirmed, dataminers have uncovered several others, including the 3DS version of Rainbow Road.
With go-karts now a part of GTA Online – and the positive response to iosgamer2day’s Rainbow Road recreation – it’s yet to be seen if they choose to recreate any more tracks from Mario Kart‘s vast catalog of levels in Rockstar’s popular title. Until then, with the Booster Course Pass DLC, Mario Kart players should have plenty of new yet nostalgic content to enjoy whilst they await the somewhat inevitable next game in the franchise.
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Source: iosgamer2day/Reddit (via Game Rant)
Glenn Bunn is a UK-based writer for the Gaming News & Features team at Screen Rant, and joined the team in 2022. An avid gamer for most of his life, Glenn plays across PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles, as well as on PC.


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