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Kuki Shinobu allows some Genshin Impact compositions to play with an Electro unit who’s also a healer.
Three regions later, Genshin Impact has finally released an Electro character that doesn’t only apply the Element off-field but also owns the ability to heal. Kuki Shinobu’s healing will perform similarly to Barbara, but her Electro application will be far better than the Mondstadt Idol’s Hydro spread.
Electro enabler is a crucial part of many Genshin Impact teams, most notably the Taser/Firework team comp. With Kuki Shinobu now available, these teams' composition can run a safer fight thanks to her protection.
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In this team composition, Raiden is an essential support for Eula. Mainly because Raiden can apply Electro and enhance Eula’s Elemental Burst damage, which is where most of her damage comes from. Zhongli will also play a part in increasing both of their DPS by decreasing enemies’ resistance to both Physical and Electro damage.
The addition of Kuki Shinobu to this team composition adds another layer of Electro application where it’s easier for Eula to trigger Superconduct, even against shielded enemies like the Abyss monsters. This can be great for people who don't want to use Diona as the healer in the team.
Usually, firework team compositions are made by pairing Childe with either Raiden Shogun or Beidou. Now, Kuki also is viable to take their Role as an Electro-charged enabler and trigger, since her close-range Electro application is great. Not only that, but she can also heal while at it.
Yelan increases Tartaglia’s damage and is a fantastic Sub-DPS in Genshin Impact. She and Ajax will activate the Hydro Resonance, which will improve Kuki’s healing and give Childe better protection while he and Kuki are electrifying their enemies. Of course, Kazuha is the joker of this team composition by reducing enemies’ resistance while controlling them and spreading both Hydro and Electro all over the battlefield.
Again, Kuki Shinobu can replace Raiden Shogun in this Genshin Impact's team composition. Xiangling, Kuki, Xingqiu, and Bennett will all rotate quickly to unleash their bursts on the field. This will create an endless amount of reactions between their elements, which will translate into a massive amount of burst damage buffed by Bennett.
Even though Kuki is built to deal Elemental reaction damage in this team composition, she still can help Bennett heal everyone while they’re letting out surges of damage through their rotations.
Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.
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