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Fortnite Has A Crossover Problem (But Can Fix It) – Screen Rant

Fortnite has a lot of crossovers, from Marvel to DC, but they’re starting to get in the way of the game. Thankfully, that’s easy to fix. Here’s how.
The hit Battle Royale game Fortnite has crossovers with a lot of media, and although it’s starting to become a problem, it’s one that it can fix. From Avengers to Rick and Morty, there are oodles of character skins in-game for players to use while they’re duking it out on the island. Not all of them add to the game, however, and the vast multitude of different characters arguably detract from the gameplay.
Fortnite kick-started the Battle Royale genre. Although it wasn’t the first, it was – and still is – the most popular. It became an overnight sensation that’s enjoyed immense success, and although it’s changed greatly from its initial launch, it’s still one of the most well-known games in the world today. Fortnite‘s tank, which is immensely hard to destroy, is just one example of how the Battle Royale giant has changed over the years. Along with those changes have come a litany of crossovers with movies like the Marvel franchise or shows like Stranger Things. It seems like everyone is getting a Fortnite crossover, but it might not be a good thing.
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Although it might be fun to play as favorite characters like Batman or Captain America in Fortnite, the fact of the matter is that the game has too many crossovers. They’re excessive, and don’t add much aside from cosmetic appeal. Although it’s understandable, it’s still far too much. It’s gotten to the point of ridiculousness, but there are ways that it can mitigate the problem. There’s not much that can be done about the crossovers already in the game, so cutting back on future ones seems like the best option. Unlocking Dr. Strange in Fortnite might be exciting, but it could be best if the game slowed down on the crossovers so it can let its original content shine.
Fortnite has a lot of crossovers, to say the least. Marvel and DC are some of the biggest, and most well-represented, franchises on the Battle Bus, but they’re far from the only ones. Lara Croft, Stranger Things‘ Demogorgon, and The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes are just a few examples of the different skins that players can use in-game. The list has only grown as time goes on, and the question of who will be next is always coming up. Some, like Batman and Wolverine, are pretty cool-looking, even if they’re a bit out of place. Others, however, like Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty, don’t transition well to Fortnite due to the aesthetic transition between a two-dimensional cartoon to a three-dimensional game. Some Fortnite skins like the Prowler can be unlocked by completing challenges, but others require players to purchase the season’s latest Battle Pass.
The reason why Fortnite‘s many crossovers are a problem is that they’re taking away from the rest of the game. The main focus of Fortnite appears to be more on franchise crossovers and skin creation than on providing a consistently innovative service title. More resources should be devoted to making Fortnite more compelling as a game and not as an opportunity to plug-in existing IP. The game’s original content has been neglected in favor of having it serve as a hub for every superhero and cartoon character to shoot at each other and floss dance. It cheapens both Fortnite and the media that it crosses over with, and the game has arguably lost sight of what made it so special in the first place.
The most obvious thing that Epic could do to keep Fortnite‘s Marvel and DC hero crossovers from taking over is to simply make less of them. No one is forcing Epic Games to put Kratos in a Battle Royale game after all, so the decision is ultimately up to it. More crossovers are likely in the works right now, so it might not be apparent for a while if the studio does decide to ease up on them, but it could go a long way to preserving the dignity of heroes everywhere, and helping Fortnite get back to its roots.
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If Fortnite did make less crossovers, then that would give it more resources to work on its original content. Original characters, storylines, and features have been a bit silly in the past; Peely and the Klombos come to mind. Things like Fortnite‘s armored Battle Bus aren’t a problem, however, and there’s nothing wrong with the game being a little silly. In a time where video games are getting more and more serious, it’s refreshing that some choose to offer a whimsical experience, especially when it’s a big name like Fortnite. New features and original content, no matter how silly, could be better for the game than an endless string of crossovers, especially since they’re making it more than a little silly besides.
If Fortnite didn’t spend so much time and energy making crossover skins, then more focus could be placed on actual gameplay. Innovative new features help keep games fresh, especially when they’re an online-based MMO game like Fortnite. No Build Mode changed the game completely. Although it took something away from the game rather than adding something in, it’s still an example of what it can do when it’s not constantly working on crossovers. Bringing back Fortnite‘s bows could be great, and they’re just the start of the possibilities. There are plenty of retired features and weapons that could improve the game if brought back, like the Drum Gun and the Port-a-Fort. Not all of them were hits, but they were still exciting and fun.
The game could also make more all-new features if it wasn’t so focused on crossovers. Underwater combat, a greater focus on melee, or something completely innovative that changes the game completely are all possible. Compared to previous Fortnite maps, Chapter 3 is arguably the best yet, and it’s just one example of what the studio is capable of. With less crossovers and with a greater focus on gameplay innovations, Fortnite could continue its resurgence and be more than just an opportunity for other franchises to promote IP.
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Austin Geiger is a nerd and a Game Features author at Screen Rant. He has loved to read, write, and play video games for longer than he can remember, and does each one daily. He likes Pokemon, Digimon, The Elder Scrolls, and more.


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