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Fortnite’s new Chapter 3 “Stinger” SMG has dominated battle royale, but its stats are OP, and it needs some nerfing to balance out the playing field.
Epic Games’ most recent Chapter 3 Fortnite update has made the SMG too powerful. Many players have quit using shotguns as their primary, up-close weapon because it’s slow and does low damage. This could mean that the current season will go back to the days of “W key” spamming, and players packing their inventory full of SMGs to overwhelm their opponent with fire-power. However, that wouldn’t create a balanced game, so the SMG needs to see some changes as a result.
Epic Games made some ambitious leaps with Fornite Chapter 3, even becoming an official UE5 game. The new SMG, called “The Stinger,” isn’t quite as technically ambitious, but it does have massive implications for Fortnite‘s meta. Despite the weapon’s rarity – ranging from common to mythic – each tier lasers an opponent up close with a fire rate of 12 shots per second with a clip size of 30. Combined with the 18 – 24 damage and 2.75 – 2.00 second reload speed (depending on the rarity), the gun decimates anything in its path. Shotguns have become somewhat useless because they’re no match for the Stinger’s power, and it’s made the guns less balanced. There are, however, changes that Epic Games can make to fix this issue.
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Creating new tactics to outsmart opponents, like the recent trend of igniting players in Fortnite, has always been a fundamental component of the game. As the season goes on, the more-beneficial metas stay while less-popular ones leave. Using an SMG could be a good tactic that sticks, but Epic Games needs to balance some of the weapons stats to make shotguns more viable again.
The SMG’s stats in Fortnite need a nerf, and lowering the clip size would be a good place to start. Epic Games should take it from 30 bullets down to 20. If these changes get implemented, the fire rate can stay the same because it lowers the chance of an SMG wielder being able to eliminate a player after expending the first clip. Plus, the gun’s reload time will get longer, making W key spamming less of a problem. One common tactic is using Fornite‘s new MK-Seven assault rifle ADS mechanic to blast opponents from a medium range and quickly push the inquired opponent. Alternatively, the clip size for the SMG could remain the same, but all the other stats would need nerfing. However, because it’s an SMG, a fast fire rate is a given – that’s partly what makes it that weapon type, so the clip size is likely the most reasonable solution here.
Another crucial fix to the SMG’s OP meta is buffing the new shotguns so that players can rely on them just as much in close-encounter battles. On December 7, SypherPK (a pro Fortnite player) released a YouTube video titled, “STOP Using Shotguns in Fortnite Chapter 3!” It signals a problem when pro players quit using such an iconic weapon in the game. Shotguns have low damage, slow fire rates, and a small bullet spread range, but enhancing them would fix half the SMGs problem.
There have been plenty of exciting new additions to Fortnite with Chapter 3, but it has some problems too – the OP SMG being one of them. With some nerfs to the Stinger and buffs to the shotguns, the game could reach a balanced state. And, with all the voices speaking up about it, there’s a good chance the weapon could receive changes in the coming patches.
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Source: SypherPK/YouTube
Preston Pearl is a contributing author based out of the US. He’s a part of the Game Features team on Screen Rant. While being a Secondary English education major at Kentucky State University and educator in Frankfort, KY; he also spends time reading history, gaming, weight lifting, and – most importantly – enjoying time with friends and family.


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