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Despite Injustice 2 meeting expectations in nearly every way, players are still waiting for the next entry in the series half a decade later.
Injustice 2 released exactly five years ago, with the title proving popular with DC fans and fighting game lovers alike. Not only was it one of the best-selling games of 2017, but it boasts an 87 on Metacritic, showing that the game was a critical success as well. However, despite all the accolades, fans have received no confirmation that a follow-up to Injustice 2 is in the works.
While Mortal Kombat 11’s extensive support is a major reason for this, Ed Boon’s Injustice 3 comments were hard not to be excited about. While little info has come out about the IP since the Injustice animated movie released a while back, fans can only hope that a new game is in the works as well. If Injustice 3 finally becomes a reality, there are many things that it should take from its predecessor and a couple of things that it should avoid replicating.
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One obvious thing that Injustice 3 should take inspiration from is its predecessor’s gameplay. Super moves showed plenty of love for the heroes they were tied to, with Superman and Batman both having some standout finishers. Stage transitions were a lot of fun, as they added depth to each arena, while environmental interactions are a keeper as well. When it came to combat, it was hard to top Injustice 2 back in 2017, and it sets a good example for future entries.
Injustice 2’s approach to storytelling was also worthy of praise. Just like the first game in the Injustice series and the tie-in comic, the sequel featured memorable moments and standout character interactions. With great facial animation, every conversation hit harder. The story mode also allowed players to choose which fighter they wanted to play in certain chapters, a fun mechanic that added a bit of replayability to the campaign. This should return in Injustice 3, with players able to choose someone from Superman’s side or the Resistance to access fully unique chapters throughout the story.
While it would be a safe move to take the route of the good ending where Superman is once again defeated and locked away, there is a case to be made for Injustice 3 building off the evil ending. In this conclusion, the Caped Crusader is brainwashed by the Man of Steel using Brainiac’s technology, instantly removing the smartest man from the Resistance. Seeing the heroes struggle to find a way to beat both Batman and Superman could be interesting, as those seem like insurmountable odds for any faction of characters.
Injustice 2’s gear system is a bit of a mixed bag. While it added some replayability to the game to discover certain builds, and it was fun to mix and match pieces of armor to create fully unique costumes, the loot box approach held it back. Fittingly dubbed Mother Boxes to play into DC lore, players received these via in-game currency and the Multiverse mode, which was a Mother Box-focused take on Living Towers from Mortal Kombat.
While there is a case to be made for the gear system and Multiverse mode to be brought back, loot boxes need to be left behind. Injustice 2’s Platinum trophy is one of the most frustrating ever because of loot boxes. While all but one trophy is easily achievable, one achievement asks players to use a specific move for Catwoman that is tied to Mother Boxes. With this drop being random, a player could put 500 hours into the game but never get the move they need for the trophy. With stat-altering gear as well as major abilities locked behind RNG, Mother Boxes should stay in the past.
While Injustice 2’s DLC brought some fun crossover characters to the game, there is a case to be made that some of the characters added were a step in the wrong direction. While crossovers like Hellboy and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made sense, the same could not be said for having two Mortal Kombat characters in Raiden and Sub-Zero. While these fighters may be beloved by Mortal Kombat fans, they have no place in the DC Universe, and having two of them was overkill. Instead of wasting DLC fighter slots on Mortal Kombat fighters, Injustice 3 should make sure every character it adds is from the DC universe.
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With five years having passed since Injustice 2 made its debut, players will surely expect some innovation when the sequel arrives. One great way to set the game apart would be an M-rating, something that would be fitting given just how dark the Injustice universe is. Instead of being an excuse to add blood and gore, a mature tag could allow Injustice 3 to have its own version of Mortal Kombat’s fatalities. Given all the powers that DC heroes have, some gruesome and memorable fatalities could be introduced. This would eliminate the awkward endings that Injustice 2’s fights have, as unless players deliberately save a super move, their opponent will usually be going down with a basic punch or kick.
Speaking of super moves, there is a case to be made for adding a few super moves for each member of the roster. While the super moves from Injustice 2 were truly special, as NetherRealm clearly put a lot of work put into creating each one, they did get old after hundreds of hours. Having just one extra super move for each hero would be enough to make fights a bit more varied from a visual standpoint. If NetherRealm wanted to, it could let these different super moves do more damage to certain characters or apply different damage over time effects to make them even more unique.
If loot boxes are retired, adding in a battle pass for Injustice 2 would be a great way to keep players hooked. If NetherRealm wanted to refine the gear system, this would be a good way to make it more consistent, and Halo Infinite’s battle pass approach could be copied to ensure that players can work on old battle passes even when a new one dropped. If NetherRealm instead wanted to go the route of unlockable suits, letting players collect alternate costumes pulled from the long history of DC comics, a battle pass would still work.
With a dated approach to microtransactions and gear being one of the few downsides of Injustice 2, a battle pass system would be a great move. If this was added and DLC characters for Injustice 3 maintained a DC comics focus, a perfect Injustice game would be a possibility. Hopefully, a new entry is announced before Injustice 2’s next anniversary arrives.
Injustice 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
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