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Developer Bethesda is currently working on a five-year-long roadmap for the MMO Fallout 76, with much more content in store for players.
A Bethesda developer has shared long-term plans for the company’s post-nuclear MMO Fallout 76, revealing a five-year roadmap is in the works. The Fallout title initially disappointed franchise fans with its buggy launch in 2018, but Bethesda has worked consistently on updates to win over players. While the game’s reputation is debatable, many now enjoy what Fallout 76 has to offer and are excited for what’s to come.
This year seems to be massive and ambitious for the MMO which may attract players to the Fallout title. The 2022 roadmap for Fallout 76 was recently revealed, confirming players will be able to travel outside of Appalachia, while adding UFOs and aliens to the post-apocalyptic world. Players seem to be content with the recent additions to the game despite the disappointment once felt towards Bethesda. Although previous updates such as the battle royale mode Nuclear Winter weren’t as popular among players, fans seem to be impressed with the recent additions to the game.
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In a recent interview with AusGamers (via PCGamerFallout design director Mark Tucker has stated that the company is working on game plans covering the next five years, seemingly demonstrating that Bethesda is not giving up on Fallout 76 any time soon. Tucker is quoted saying that the plans “get fuzzier the farther we go out,” and that Bethesda will “adjust and adapt as things show up and [they] see what players want and what they’re doing.” The developer seems to have the three-year plan mostly thought out, while ideas for the five-year roadmap are still in the works. Bethesda has yet to release any information about these plans besides the fact that they exist and will adapt to what players ask for, which is something that the company struggled with in the past regarding Fallout 76.
The online Fallout game had a very rocky start and seemed to not meet any expectations for fans who were excited about its release. At one point fans even considered Fallout 76 the most disappointing game of 2018. With arguably dull and empty environments, no NPCs, multiple glitches and bugs, and controversial microtransactions, many players originally deemed the game unplayable. Lots of fans even suggested that the online multiplayer Fallout 76 didn’t feel much like a Fallout game at all. However, Bethesda has since added immersive storylines and environments and completely changed the MMO from what it once was, with the game now having a dedicated fanbase and community.
Despite the title’s multiple controversies, Fallout 76 provides many players with multiple striking aspects from intense storylines to customizable private servers. Bethesda is consistently upgrading the game in order to encourage fans to give Fallout 76 another chance, and from recent developer comments, the next five years could be exciting for Fallout 76.
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Source: AusGamers (via PCGamer)
Amaya Lane is a writer for Screenrant, streamer, gamer, and artist based in Ohio. She is currently studying video game design and coding while working on personal artwork and projects. Amaya spends most of her free time with internet friends and her loyal cat, Ivy.


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