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To complete the “Party Down!” singleplayer mission in Evil Dead: The Game, players must traverse the map while collecting bottles of Wiseman’s Brew.
Party Down!” is the second mission in the single-player campaign featured in Evil Dead: The Game, offering those who achieve its completion with the Knowby Recording 2 and the Funeral Attire Skin for Ash Williams. This mission tasks players with collecting five bottles of Wiseman’s Brew in preparation for a party to lure a group of car thieves back to the protagonist’s location. However, the surrounding neighborhood is crawling with enemy Deadites, meaning that gathering the bottles of alcohol will be moderately challenging.
The “Party Down!” begins with Ash spawning at a gas station between Shockley Auto and Royal Oak Cemetery. To get started, head into the building ahead and loot everything available. Inside, players will also find a selection of weapons to choose from. While the firearm will depend on the player’s preference, the Shovel is a must-have starter melee weapon for this mission. After looting the store, head outside and pick up the first bottle of Wiseman’s Brew.
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Next, travel eastward to the Royal Oak Cemetery for the second bottle. Again, be mindful of Deadite traps and ambushes along the way. After arriving, Evil Dead fans are recommended to always loot the surrounding area before triggering the fighting sequence by picking up the quest item. After collecting supplies, pick up the bottle to start a miniboss battle with an elite Deadite in Evil Dead. An ideal strategy would be to keep one’s distance while firing at its head with the Legendary Pistol found at this landmark.
After completing Royal Oak Cemetery, trek southward to the neighborhood in Dead End. Here, players will be able to restock on supplies and switch their Shovel with a handy Chainsaw. Once all the houses have been looted, begin the infestation by picking up the bottle on the red truck at the location’s center.
By now, players should be well-equipped for the rest of the mission. Accordingly, fans can head to the northernmost bottle near Harry’s Houses or the one at Shockley Auto. The northern bottle involves a mandatory fight sequence similar to Dead End, while Shockley Auto will spawn a single elite Deadite like the Royal Oak Cemetery. A helpful technique to preserve gun ammo in Evil Dead while traveling from each location is to fire once at a hostile, preferably at its head. After landing a successful shot, its HP should be low enough to one or two-shot it with a melee finisher. Once players have collected the five bottles of Wiseman’s Brew, the mission will complete, unlocking Funeral Attire Ash Williams.
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Evil Dead: The Game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.
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