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Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update introduces two new flexible Artifact sets that could have a large impact on the future of combat in the game.
With the new Dendro element and new Sumeru region arriving soon in Genshin Impact, two Artifact sets will also be coming along to complement them. Artifacts are a massive part of building characters and increasing their stats in Genshin Impact. Even a good Artifact set can mean a world of difference, and if luck rolls a player's way, then a near-perfect build can make characters practically unstoppable. However, as this is not a set occurrence, grinding Domains for Artifact drops and praying they upgrade correctly is one of the most stressful yet rewarding processes in Genshin Impact.
As Genshin Impact prepares for its Version 3.0 update to launch on August 24, it stands nearly unrivaled in its market. With an ever-growing fanbase, Genshin Impact has seen the popularity and success that only a handful of other live service games have found. With the upcoming Version 3.0 adding a Dendro, Sumeru, story quests, and characters like Tighnari and Collei, this success seems all but guaranteed to continue. In Genshin Impact 3.0, the two Artifact sets coming to the game are Deepwood Memories and Gilded Dreams. Currently, it is unknown what Domains these sets will come from and what enemies players will have to face. However, both sets seem rather strong and will undoubtedly have their places in character builds.
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The Gilded Dreams set in Genshin Impact appears to buff a singular party member. At two pieces, the character receives an Elemental Mastery boost of 80. The four-piece bonus is where things get a little interesting, as within 8 seconds of causing an elemental reaction, the character shall receive two buffs based on the other three party members' elements. For every party member that shares an element with the character equipped with the set, said character gets a 14% increase to attack. At the same time, every character that does not share an element with the character causes them to receive 50 more Elemental Mastery. This seems to be a set that would benefit the main DPS on a Genshin Impact team with other same-element users. The other option would be equipping it onto a character on a team with 3-4 different elements, whose main damage output would come from Elemental Reactions.
The second set, Deepwood Memories, is very similar to other sets that focus on a specific element; however, the four-piece bonus makes it stand out. Where other sets increase Elemental Reaction damage or overall damage on targets affected by a certain element, Deepwood Artifacts decreases enemies' Dendro resistance by 30% for 8 seconds. Making it a set built for Dendro characters and a team that will be doing a lot of Dendro damage with reactions and attacks. While players will have to wait and see how the set does in action, based on the popularity of similar sets, it will have its uses for Dendro characters.
While serving different purposes, both of these sets would seem to be set up for success in any future updates of Genshin Impact. Deepwood Memories will be popular for any Dendro character, no matter their role in a team. While Gilded Dreams seems to be the more flexible set character-wise, but can also be helpful for any role in a team. Either way, it will be exciting to see what characters are most affected by the arrival of these new sets and how they and future sets could change the meta and combat styles of Genshin Impact.
Richard Northrup is a writer for Screen Rant working with the gaming features team. Richard started in the summer of 2022 after graduating college as his first step into the world of professional writing. Being a huge gamer and having focused on Film and writing in college Richard brings a wide variety of aspects and skills to the table. Besides covering video games he also writes scripts and short novels in his free time. When not writing Richard likes to use his time playing video games, watching anime and sports, or enjoying time with his friends.


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