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Of all the speculation surrounding a potential DLC release for Elden Ring, some leaks and rumors are more likely to be true than others.
With the ongoing anticipation surrounding potential Elden Ring DLCs, it can be difficult to discern which DLC rumors and leaks are most likely to be true. Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s best-selling game to date with an active community of modders and PvP players online, but while fans’ speculations can typically be unreliable (which makes determining the veracity of supposed leaks difficult to determine), Bandai Namco’s admission that Elden Ring will receive continuous updates suggests that players can expect that an Elden Ring DLC release is coming from FromSoftware in the near future. 
Previous FromSoftware titles have released DLCs shortly after the games themselves—Dark Souls released its first DLC after just over a year, Dark Souls 2 after four months, and Dark Souls 3 after seven. Bloodborne’s first DLC also came out eight months following its release. If Elden Ring follows FromSoftware tradition, DLC seems like it could be likely to release by the end of 2022. 
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The most recent speculations about an Elden Ring DLC have been fueled by the Bandai Namco hacking and purported leak. On July 3, Bandai Namco was hacked by a ransomware group called ALPHV, leaking alleged information about upcoming game releases to be shared on Twitter. One such title was an Elden Ring DLC titled Barbarians of the Badlands, set to release in Q3 of 2023. A DLC set in the Badlands, which exists outside of Elden Ring‘s Lands Between and its lore, would give players the opportunity to explore a previously uncharted area. It might also uncover more of the story surrounding Hoarah Loux, who was chieftain of the Badlands, as well as potentially providing a continuation of Nepheli Loux’s quest line. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why this DLC is probably fabricated. As per Dualshockers, the ALPHV group’s motives and methodology are in question around the hacking, and the release date seems unnecessarily far away given FromSoftware’s usual release schedule. Nonetheless, a DLC set in the Badlands has great potential for new environments, enemies, and lore.
A more likely theory is that the Elden Ring DLC will expand multiplayer PvP gameplay. In March, the FromSoftware streamer and modder Lance McDonald discovered arenas that Elden Ring DLC might unlock by clipping through a building, revealing a large colosseum that appears to be ideal for PvP battles and contests. Considering the enduring popularity of Elden Ring’s PvP and co-op multiplayer mode, a PvP DLC would offer additional gameplay for all players regardless of progress or ending whilst giving people continued incentive to test different character builds and fighting styles.
One leak that seems to point to an upcoming DLC has been found in the game’s character files. Elden Ring modder and YouTuber Garden of Eyes has data-mined cut dialogue from NPCs and Malenia regarding her brother Miquella, as well as an unused character ID for Miquella himself. Whilst Miquella is canonically dead in the base game, Mohg’s chamber hides Elden Ring‘s Miqeulla in a membranous egg. As one of the only demigods who does not have a boss battle, Miquella’s pupal form and character files suggest that a new DLC will expand on his background and offer new, grueling content.
An encounter with Miquella, along with other potential bosses such as Queen Marika who shattered the Elden Ring, and her demigod offspring Godwyn who is the first of Those Who Live In Death would add an immense amount of lore, exploration, and challenging gameplay to Elden Ring. With so many leaks and theories surrounding the first potential DLC, its release will undoubtedly reinforce Elden Ring’s standing as FromSoftware’s most widely-played game.
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Source: Dualshockers, Garden of Eyes/YouTube
Maya Schultz is a literature graduate and Game Features Writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is well-versed in science fiction and often writes about off-planet literature, films and games that may or may not feature human beings. Her favourite games are Elden Ring, Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, Gitaroo Man, 428: Shibuya Scramble, and Taiko no Tatsujin (which she considers a sport as much as a game).


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