Diablo Immortal Requires $110,000 To Fully Upgrade One Character – Screen Rant

Diablo Immortal will cost players a pretty penny to fully upgrade and max out their characters, even though the game is touted as free-to-play.
The new Blizzard game Diablo Immortal will cost players a pretty penny to fully upgrade their character. Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play mobile and PC game that was recently released on June 2nd, or June 1st for lucky Diablo Immortal mobile players in some regions. This game allows players to explore the world of Diablo in a more player-friendly manner, unlike its predecessors. The dungeon crawler, though free-to-play, does eventually hit a level cap where purchasing in-game upgrades will be useful for those who are looking to progress even further through the story.
Diablo Immortal is a typical online multiplayer game. Players progress through a story, fighting demons and other creatures. Both solo play and multiplayer are available and there are also a few different PVP modes. There is cross-save availability, which means that fans can play on their mobile phone, save their progress, and pick it up later on their PC or vice versa. At the moment there is no difference between the mobile version and the PC version of Diablo Immortal; the graphics and gameplay are identical.
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In a very useful YouTube video, Bellular News broke down exactly what was needed to fully upgrade a character in Diablo Immortal (via Eurogamer). The full upgrade will cost players a whopping $110,000. This cost includes not only cosmetics and leveling but also paying to pass time faster. In order to upgrade faster, players must wait a certain amount of time to get to the next level, alternatively, players can pay money to cause the time jump to happen, which is something that is also factored into the cost. In the video, they discussed the tactics Blizzard is using in order to encourage people to spend money, such as directing players to their free daily items which are in the store and also starting players with small bundles that only cost $1.00.
This system is common in both mobile and online free-to-play games like Lost Ark and Destiny 2, where players can buy emotes and cosmetic upgrades, and gamers have gotten used to seeing this pay-to-win type of gameplay. This system can be predatory for players who do not see how much money the game could end up costing them, and that was what Bellular News was trying to highlight in their video. Loot Boxes and high-level weapons are often hidden behind a pay wall, and this is exactly what Diablo Immortal is doing.
Regardless of this pay-to-win system, players do not necessarily have to pay money in order to have a good time with the game. Players are still enjoying their time dungeon crawling and leveling up and the reviews are positive, much like they were during the Diablo Immortal playtest. With patience and a lot of grinding, these upgrades and levels are achievable, but that just means a lot of time spent playing Diablo Immortal.
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Source: Bellular News/YouTube, Eurogamer
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