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A Diablo Immortal player discovers that the game’s Demon Hunter class can, in fact, climb trees under very specific conditions.
With all the controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal, it's almost too easy to forget that there is, in fact, a game to discuss if all of its microtransaction-related issues are put aside for a moment. Much like virtually every other game on the market, Diablo Immortal too has its own share of bugs, and not all of them are annoying or game-breaking.
One of Diablo Immortal's more amusing bugs was recently discovered and posted on the game's official subreddit by user evonhell, and it relates to the Demon Hunter class, specifically. It seems that Demon Hunters can use one of their dash-type abilities to cross large vertical spaces, some of which aren't actually supposed to be accessible in regular gameplay.
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Diablo Immortal's Demon Hunter class features an extremely wide array of special abilities and gadgetry that defines them as agile, flexible characters with a penchant for dual-wielding crossbows. In effect, they are the glass cannons of Diablo Immortal, and abilities such as Daring Swing allow them to rapidly move from one location to another. As evonhell has shown, however, this can sometimes lead to unexpected results.
With all the discussions surrounding the free-to-play frustrations in Diablo Immortal, it's not particularly odd that some players immediately asked evonhell how much it cost for them to be able to jump on top of trees with their Demon Hunter. Others, on the other hand, noticed that there doesn't seem to be any kind of fall damage in the game, and that it might be possible to use this glitch to damage enemies from afar without any risk of getting killed.
This particular glitch is likely to get patched in the near future, due to it allowing players to potentially break the game's levels and go out of bounds. The good news, however, is that Demon Hunters have excellent Legendary Armor they can already rely on to carry them over into the endgame, meaning that even if it's possible to attack enemies from trees and dish out free damage at no additional risk, it won't be the be-all-end-all for the class's effectiveness.
Despite its problems and microtransaction controversies, Diablo Immortal is the biggest franchise release yet, with over 10 million unique players on day two following its launch. It's plenty obvious, then, that investing in the production of a free-to-play mobile Diablo game was the right move for Blizzard from a financial standpoint, and that it's bound to remain relevant for some time yet, no matter what.
Diablo Immortal is now available on iOS, Android, and PC.
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