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The loot vault in Destiny 2 hasn’t been expanded in over three years, to the displeasure of many fans. Finally, Bungie will be expanding the vault.
After countless requests from fans, Season 17 of Destiny 2 will be introducing an expansion to the gear vault. Destiny 2 players are preparing for Season 17, which is set to introduce more challenges, activities, and, of course, loot to collect. This new season will be following Season of the Risen, which added its own exclusive challenges, weapons, and armor.
As one of the premier entries in the looter-shooter genre, Destiny 2 is jam-packed with a bevy of gear pieces for players to collect. This gear effectively drives the gameplay loop, as while the core shooting mechanics of Destiny 2 are considered exceptional, the loot reward that awaits players at the end of various missions and challenges serves as an invaluable incentive to play the game. Destiny 2 is also one of the most popular live-service games on the market, which means that developer Bungie is constantly expanding the game’s gear selection through regular updates and refreshed seasonal content, sometimes adding unique weapons like Destiny 2‘s Parasite launcher, whose sound effects were made with mac and cheese. Because of this influx of gear, Destiny 2 had to increase its vault (where players can store equipment) from 200 slots to 500 in 2018, but it hasn’t been expanded further since, despite repeated pleas from fans.
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Those pleas have been answered, as Bungie has finally opted to increase vault space. According to a post on the Bungie blog, players will soon be able to enjoy a full 600 loot slots in the vault. The blog post admits that this will still not help Destiny 2 players looking to hold onto every piece of loot they come across in the game, and that the developers are currently “investigating further solutions” for the overwhelming loot problem. This change will arrive with the Season 17 rollout on May 24.
With the introduction of The Witch Queen expansion, Destiny 2 added a weapon crafting system, which only served to inflate the already-massive assortment of weapons that players can collect within the game. As such, it’s good that Bungie is increasing the storage space available to players, even if the most dedicated Destiny 2 fans will still likely have to disassemble a great deal of weapons to have enough space.
For now, though, this 100 slot increase is sure to land well with Destiny fans who don’t like to part with their hard-earned gear. The Bungie blog post does state that the team is investigating further solutions to the problem of too much loot and not enough space, but Destiny 2 players will just have to wait and see if and how that solution comes about.
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Source: Bungie
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